A beautiful high gloss finish gives your floor a lovely shine and adds a distinctive quality to a room as well as often being more durable and resistant to wear or spills – especially true of laminate floors.



Image: High gloss vinyl floor – Mardi Gras 99 (black) Dublin vinyl flooring

Gradual deterioration over time will happen – but maintaining the shine of your floor however it needn’t be as tricky task as you might think as there are ways in which you can bring that glossy appearance back to life. All it takes is a little bit of care and attention.


As with most things, regular cleaning and attention will help to maintain the quality of your possession. The same applies to your vinyl flooring. If you want the shine to remain, then try to devote yourself to a cleaning timetable. Be sure to clean your surface at least once a week, although it is highly recommended to aim for more.

Remember, unchecked dirt can gradually leave marks on the flooring, taking away some of that glossy shine.


While cleaning your floor is highly encouraged, cleaning it with harmful products can have quite an adverse effect. Always get advice on what cleaning chemicals are best for the type of flooring you have so there is no adverse reaction when you come to clean your floor.

From laminate to vinyl, you too can maintain its high gloss finish with a bit of care and attention.

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