Why living like a king is a good idea when it comes to bed sizes

Bigger isn’t always better… but when it comes to the life of luxury, things generally come in large sizes.

‘Living like a king’ used to be the most widely used description for having the best of everything, and ‘king size’ has come to mean far more than just being the biggest. It usually means something is the best of its kind too and that applies just as much in the bedroom as it does in any other room in the house – but just why is living like a king a good idea when choosing the size of your bed?




According to the National Bed Federation, the trade association representing UK manufacturers of beds, a king size bed measures a massive 60″ × 78″ – giving you plenty of room to stretch out and sleep soundly on your king size mattress.

For couples, a double bed might bring you closer together but on hot summer evenings or days when you want to stretch out and enjoy the unbridled luxury that comes with a large bed, only king size will do.

Let’s look at the main reasons why living like a king is advisable when bed shopping:


Being able to stretch out in bed is something many people yearn to do but it is especially important for those who are tall. A bed length of 75 inches can make it difficult for anyone over 6ft to stretch out and get comfy, often resulting in compact sleeping positions that could lead to a range of problems including muscular aches and stiff joints.

The extra inches afforded by a king size bed frame can really make all the difference for taller people and ensure that they always sleep soundly.


Of course, there is also the visual appeal of a big bed. In a small room, it can dominate the space and perhaps be a little impractical but in a big bedroom it is the only realistic choice for those who want to make the most of the space at their disposal.



According to The Daily Mail, 49% of people in the UK suffer from a bad back in their lower lumbar region at least once a year. We also spend roughly a third of our lives asleep in bed, so it stands to reason that choosing the right mattress could make all the difference to our comfort levels – not to mention our health!

Dr Chris Idzikowski of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre believes that an extra 42 minutes’ of sleep per night could be gained by investing in a new mattress and The Furniture Industry Research Association claims a bed can lose 70% of its strength over a ten-year period so king-size-chrome-metal-beds-frame


As well as king size benefits for comfort, your choice of mattress and bed can also affect chronic conditions; alleviating or intensifying them depending on your choice. Quasi-medical terms such as Posturepedic and Orthopaedic are often used to market beds and mattresses, describing options that are designed to offer greater support to your body while sleeping.

Your spine has three normal, gentle curves that need to be supported when you are sleeping and if you don’t maintain these curves you increase the stress on bones and muscles and this can lead to chronic back pain.

King size memory foam mattresses and other modern options are a designed to provide this support and combine perfectly with a king size bed to offer ultimate comfort, support and luxury. If it’s still not enough, then you can always go super king size!


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