Why less sleep means more weight

Did you think that it’s simply a coincidence that when you slept less you gained weight? Well, this is not so because not only does your body create hormones that increase your appetite but you also have more time to snack by being awake!

Time to Eat

sleeping less means eating more


It’s simple; if you stay awake you are giving yourself more time to snack. When you’re tired, it requires more energy, which triggers the release of cortisol to make you feel hungry. This encourages you to eat more so that your body can provide you with more energy to continue to stay awake. As we all know, more food means more calories and so many of us fall into the trap of gaining weight when we’re sleep deprived.


weight gain with lack of sleep (1)


Staying awake past your bedtime also slows down your metabolism, saving the energy that’s used to help you function. With the grelin hormone being released to signal hunger, it’s no surprise that we want to eat more.

Did you also know that we produce less leptin when we deprive ourselves of that much needed sleep? This directly decreases your ability to feel when you’re full and hence, know when to stop eating. Next time, when you think about having another late night… think of your waistline!

A lot of research has been undertaken to support the direct affect of sleep deprivation to gaining body weight. So, make sure that you have a bed in which you can sleep well to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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