Indoor/outdoor living: how to summer-proof your floor


entertain-with-a-kitchen-party (1)The winter can be a challenge for your flooring with wet shoes trudging through your home, muddy boots from woodland walks and animal paws dirty from the garden.

But what about the summer?  The weather changes for the better, the natural elements no longer pose such a threat and we can relax for a few months.  Or can we?  Summer brings with it its own problems, to which those that suffer from hay fever will no doubt testify!  But it’s not just the sneezing and runny eyes that we have to deal with.

During those hot and heady months, us Brits adopt an outdoor lifestyle with music festivals, beer gardens and days at the beach, plus of course kids running wild in the garden!  However much fun, these short-lived seasonal events can bring issues and problems to deal with.  Ensuring that you are dosed up with antihistamine if you are a sufferer is a must, as is covering yourself in insect repellent to deter the dreaded gnats.  Then there are the new stains appearing on your kids’ clothes – or yours.  New laundry challenges emerge with the appearance of ice cream drips down the front of t-shirts, grass stains over the back of shorts and maybe the odd drop of wine down your favourite dress!

Boy shooting water pistol at girl

But these new cleaning tribulations are not exclusive to clothing.  What about your home and in particular your floors?

Whatever your choice of flooring it can still be a challenge to keep it in tip-top condition through the summer months.  It’s important to keep vacuuming.  If you have pets you will find that they shed and moult throughout these months so it’s best to vacuum this hair up before it gets embedded into your carpet.  Likewise, if you have laminate or other hard flooring it’s best to vacuum every couple of days, if possible. This will not only deal with the pet hair, it will also suck up any unwanted pollens or other allergens that may come in through open windows or doors. If you or a family member are an allergy sufferer, make sure your vacuum has a HEPA filter as some allergens are so small that they pass through a normal filter and back into your home, sometimes making your symptoms worse.  If you have vinyl flooring, give it a mop after you’ve hoovered too, to keep it doubly clean.

Protect your carpets

But what about when you are entertaining? A great tradition of modern day Britain, barbecues are a mainstay of the summer.  Come rain or shine, if a barbecue is planned, nine times out of ten it goes ahead – even if it means a brolly covered barbecue with guests huddled under a gazebo!  But even on the sunniest of days, an outside party can cause havoc on your flooring with guests coming and going to get refills or burger buns and popping to the bathroom. Drinks can get spilled, food dropped or footprints left behind. The last thing you want as a host is to be fretting about your flooring! Sometimes, the best way to deal with this, particularly if the weather is not on your side, is to put down some plastic carpet protector sheets and runners on your carpets.  That way, once the party is over, the sheets come up and no harm is done.

Look after your laminate

If you have laminate or engineered wood floors, normal plastic sheeting may not work so well as it could be slippery and a tripping hazard, and you may end up dealing with more than just spilt drinks!  Adhesive hard floor protectors are a much better option. Just like for carpets, these waterproof sheets are cheap and temporary and can be easily removed, but these stick to your floors for a safer surface.

However, if your flooring is vinyl you shouldn’t have any worries as it’s so durable and easy to clean, it’s ideal for a party situation. Spilt drink?  No problem!  Just get the mop out and any stain is dealt with in no time.  Why not check out our range of vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl tiles so you need never worry about spills again. Or for more hints and tips on flooring maintenance visit our Inspiration and Advice pages.

Sweeping vinyl floor