Once you’ve chosen your brand new laminate flooring, you’d be forgiven for wanting to lay it straightaway. Here’s why you should hang fire and choose the right underlay first though…


Underlay is the layer between the sub-floor and the laminate floor. It muffles sound travelling through the floor, acts as a thermal insulator (helping you save money on your energy bills) and sometimes even levels uneven areas.

silent sound laminate underlay


*Image shows Silent Sound laminate underlay

However, you can’t get away with buying any old underlay for your laminate – it all depends on the type of sub-floor you have.

Polyfoam Underlay

This type of underlay for laminate flooring goes very well with underfloor heating. It’s best used with sub-floors like chipboard, plywood and hardboard that are level, firm and dry.

Combined Underlay

This is thicker than polyfoam underlay and absorbs minor irregularities in the floor, meaning you only need to fit one layer. This can be used on any type of sub-floor and provides excellent sound insulation.

Wood Fibre Boards

If you have floorboards or a slightly uneven sub-floor, wood fibre boards are best as they are the thickest type of underlay. They also provide good heat and sound insulation.

Grandeur - 673 Champagne Oak - Chesterfield


*Image shows light laminate

Please be aware that Carpetright always recommends that your subfloor is level, debris-free and dry before any installation of underlay and flooring.

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