How to get a good sleep on Christmas Eve!

The tree is up, the presents are wrapped – Christmas is upon us!

With all the food, drinks and presents to look forward to, Christmas Eve is a pretty exciting time, and if you’re anything like us (we started counting down the days in November!) you might find it difficult to sleep ahead of the big day.

Sleeping Children


Make sure you get the rest you need to enjoy your perfect family Christmas this year, with help from these 5 top tips.

After all – everyone knows Father Christmas won’t come if you don’t go to sleep (at least that’s what we were always told!).


This can be hard, but try to forget about the morning celebrations (no peeking into the living room, or shaking your presents), think of Christmas Eve as just another day, and follow your usual bedtime routine.

Get ready for bed at your normal time, brush your teeth, read a book – whatever it is you usually do before you go to sleep.


Have a nice relaxing bath, a warm milky drink before bed, light a scented candle, and if all else fails, go for some deep breathing, meditation or relaxation exercises.

One easy exercise is to find a quiet place, sit down in a comfy chair and close your eyes.

Breathe in deeply through your nose and count to 5, whilst concentrating on fully filling your lungs – put a hand on your stomach and let it expand as you breathe in. Now, breathe out slowly, whilst counting to 5, and completely empty your lungs.

This process forces your heart-rate to slow down, making you feel calmer and more relaxed (it’s also great for stress-busting at work), so repeat it for 5 minutes until you’re ready to go to sleep!


Prepare yourself for a good night’s sleep by getting up an hour early on the morning of Christmas Eve, and do some aerobic exercise a couple of hours before bed to make you feel physically tired.

You’ll also want to steer clear of drinking caffeinated beverages for at least 3 hours before you want to sleep.


If you’re lying in bed, tossing and turning and struggling to get to sleep, then there are a few exercises you can try to help you nod off.

Counting sheep might sound like a cliché, but it actually works! Any methodical or counting exercises, where you concentrate on something other than trying to get to sleep (or how excited you are) can be really helpful.

You might also try suggestive thinking. Lie flat in bed, and think about physically relaxing all the muscles in your body, starting with your toes, and ending at the top of your head – this can trick your brain into making you feel more tired than you actually are!


Ok, so by the time Christmas Eve comes round, this might be a bit late – but even if you’ve missed the boat, at least you’ll be prepared for a better sleep next year!

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Merry Christmas!

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