Get energy efficient for Summer 2015

Summer is here and that means more days spent outside with the windows and doors open, flooding our homes with warmth and sunshine.

Yet, while we may all be eager to open the blinds and draw back the curtains, we should still be thinking about how our choices affect the environment. After all, it’s not only in winter when power (and money) can be wasted.

If you really want to enjoy the natural beauty of summer this year then do yourself a favour and GO GREEN!

Ventilate naturally

Climate control systems, fans and vents are all useful features for the home during summer but there might be an easier (and better) way to cool off. Window blinds can prevent heat coming through the windows during the day, but also have an insulating effect for cooler evenings. Opening windows both during the day and on warmer nights can bring the cool summer freshness into your home, and help you stay cool whilst sleeping. Simply shut the windows and blinds or curtains in the morning and you’ve trapped all that lovely cool air inside. No need to waste electricity on fans or air conditioning!

Woman opening windows

Set the thermostat high

No, we haven’t forgotten the purpose of this article. Setting your thermostat to as high a temperature as comfortable is the easiest way to save money when using air conditioning systems in your home. This is because you want there to be as little difference between the temperature outdoors and the temperature in your home as possible which means keeping the thermostat high. So, don’t immediately grab the thermostat ready to turn down low. Leave it as high as you can and enjoy a comfortable home that doesn’t land you with high energy bills!

Digital thermostat with finger pressing button

Keep hot air out

Staying cool and comfortable at home during the summer isn’t only about bringing cool air in, it’s also about keeping the hot air out. This means taking the time to make sure that everything from your flooring to your windows are properly installed and sealed tight.

No matter what type of flooring you have chosen for you home, whether it is carpet, laminate or vinyl, flooring underlay or insulation should be used to protect temperature changes occurring from this area. You can also improve the insulation in your walls to stop heat being lost or gained through this particularly large surface.

Comfort master 2015 underlay

Other ways to keep the hot summer air outside and not in your home include sealing cracks and openings in the building and adding caulk around doors and windows that may have air leaks.

Use your home sensibly

Structural changes and home improvements aren’t the only ways to improve the efficiency of your home at summer and stop it becoming too hot. How you use your home can also play a big role in your effort to save money and energy so try and avoid using appliances such as the cooker on particularly hot days. Summer is the perfect time for cool, light meals like salads anyway and you can save yourself a lot of bother in the kitchen with this idea too!

Bowl of rocket salad and sliced radish

Similarly, avoiding or limiting the use of lights and the use of other appliances which can generate heat (such as computers) will help maintain the perfect environment.

Why not give these tips a try and see how your bills compare at the end of this summer compared to last year?

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