It’s that time of year again when we all want to fit into our small bikinis and swimming shorts and look a million dollars. However, that’s easier said than done when you’ve been living off carbs and sugar all winter!

The gym isn’t for everyone (and can be pretty costly) but that doesn’t mean you can’t get fit in your own home.

With our fantastic tips, you can get your beach body back without even leaving your home. While getting fit and healthy is important, you should remember that it is important to pace yourself and be comfortable with your body no matter what.

YouTube fitness

YouTube isn’t just great for watching funny videos of animals and listening to your favourite music, it’s also fantastic for watching aerobic videos and following the workouts in your own home. Whether you opt for dance, Pilates or Zumba, you’re guaranteed to find a workout video that works for you.

It is recommended that you do this somewhere comfortable, so choose a room with a smooth, even floor that provides stability.

Vinyl flooring is an ideal flooring option for home workouts, and you should also make sure you have enough room to stretch out so that your workout is safe to complete. We advise rolling or moving any rugs out of the room unless they have a non-slip backing or are fitted with non-slip underlay that prevents them from sliding on the smooth surface of your floor.

Enjoy some yoga

One of the very best things you can do without leaving the confines of your own home is yoga, which is guaranteed to get your body looking the way you want it, as well as having fantastic benefits for your breathing and mental well being too. There are many apps you can download to talk you through the positions and workouts as well as online tutorials, books and videos.

We recommend putting on some relaxing music to get you in the mood and drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. Once again, make sure you have plenty of space to stretch out and choose a room with suitable flooring for your exercises. As yoga involves holding positions for set periods of time and sitting, lying and resting on the floor we would recommend using an exercise mat with a good grip and in a room with optimum flooring. Laminate flooring would be a better option here than real wood as it is not as hard or solid, and allows for more spring under foot.

Girl doing yoga at home

Get Wii fit!

A Wii isn’t just for the kids, it can also be a great workout tool. Wii Fit games come with a great range of accessories to make play extra fun but you also burn calories and get a decent workout. A great way to enjoy your favourite games and sports no matter what the weather outside, you can play alone or with a partner to really get that heart racing.

You should always ensure the controller is fastened to your wrist securely before starting (as energetic movements could result in household damage otherwise) and wearing appropriate clothing. If your living room has wooden or stone flooring then you may want to wear trainers or shoes with suitable grip to avoid slipping.

Clean to fitness

Put the lean back into clean by transforming your household chores into a pulse racing workout. The idea here is to focus on cleaning activities that are likely to burn more calories, such as hoovering and cleaning floors or washing windows.

Turn on the tunes, grab your duster and get cleaning! By the end of the workout not only will you have worked up a sweat but your house will be spotlessly clean too.

Getting fit in your own home has never been easier with these great tips. Work your body hard in your home for free and reap the benefits when you’re sat beside that pool in your swimsuit come summer.

man cleaning windows


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