A good night’s sleep is powerful – it restores your mind and body, and prepares you for the next day. Without it our concentration and performance can suffer dramatically. As illustrated in our latest infographic Football World Cup Dreams, sleep can improve split-second decisions by 4.3% while chronic sleep loss can lead to 30-40% reduction in energy.

maracana stadium

Maracana Stadium – Brazil

This is important news for any athlete or footballer – so I guess we can ask the question “did the England team really get enough sleep before their World Cup games?” We all know the results to the matches of course – a football nightmare for England.
Some theories around sleep suggest that it can actually improve our learning by digesting the days activities and sorts through them to convert them into memories. If this is the case let’s hope the team will have learned a thing or two. If this seems a bit too deep, then here are a few tips of how to avoid having a nightmare of your own:
• Don’t go to sleep stressed or angry
• Keep regular bedtimes and sleep patterns
• Don’t eat immediately before going to bed
• Don’t watch violent movies before bedtime
• Get plenty of sleep before you play in a match
• Avoid watching England game replays in Brazil.
Psychology Today claim that about 50% of adults experience occasional nightmares, women more than men, while for some it can become a chronic sleeping disorder which has been said to affect around 5% of the population.
Nightmares can be caused by anything from what you’ve eaten, the medication you are on to a particular event in your life. Indeed while stress or anxiety tends to be the most common cause, in 60 percent of cases a major life event typically precedes the onset of a nightmare.
For the England football team players, the World Cup has to have been a momentus occasion in their lives, one can only wonder what their dreams or nightmares were before and after the matches. Maybe even some players weren’t quite as awake as they should have been on the pitch for the big games, what do you think?
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