Energy saving ideas for rising bill prices

With rising bill prices, more and more of us are trying to think hard about the energy that’s used in our homes. That is why we have come up with great ways to save and keep our energy, which will also help us save money!


New Geneva


*Image shows New Geneva Saxony Carpet

Did you know that by simply installing carpet in your home you could be saving money on your energy bills? Carpet is more efficient in keeping warmth in your house than smooth flooring. Saxony carpet in particular, can provide a thick textured layer that will make sure that your heating system doesn’t need to work as hard to get that toasty temperature that you desire during the cold winter months.


underlay at carpetright


*Image shows Super Realm Carpetright Underlay

Not only can underlay extend the life of your carpet by 40% but it can also help insulate your home further to save you paying more than you need to.


If you’re keen to keep saving energy we recommend investing in some energy saving bulbs as well as switching electrical items at the plug switch once you’re finished with them! Also, try and encourage as much natural light into your rooms as possible so that you need to use less electricity.

You can be sure that you’re making a good investment in our carpet and underlay as it’s sure to save you money in the future.

Despite the energy hike, we hope that you keep warm in your homes using our tips above!

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