Create a romantic valentine’s day mood in your kitchen

Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and failing to organise an appropriately indulgent evening of romance for your lover could have dire consequences!

Intimate, romantic and personal, preparing a special dinner at home for your lover is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and show them just how much you care (plus it’s often cheaper than dining out and paying those steep Valentines Day upcharges!)

CR-ED0354 A youg couple embracing in their kitchen

As well as cooking a delicious menu packed full of your partner’s favourite foods, you’ll also need to take a look at the décor of your kitchen and dining areas if you want to create the ultimate romantic setting.

With just weeks to go until the big day, now’s the time to start planning your perfect dinner for two and create a romantic Valentine’s Day mood in your kitchen.


Getting the décor of your kitchen just right will help you to set the scene and create an irresistibly romantic mood in your kitchen. What’s more, if you put a little extra effort in and make a few permanent improvements to the space, you’ll earn yourself some valuable brownie points with your partner and improve your kitchen for good.

If your kitchen is a little cold or stark at the moment, the easiest way to make it feel a little cosier is to take a look at the flooring.

Rugs and mats are all great for warming a space up temporarily, or if you want to transform your interior for good, why not lay some bold red vinyl flooring and make your kitchen feel more romantic every day of the year? Vinyl flooring is a practical choice for flooring, is easy to clean and looks fantastically modern.

CR-ED0354 Carpetright Mardi_Gras_Durango_vinyl flooring


If you’re trying to woo a new partner, flexing your culinary muscles and showing you know your way around the kitchen is a great way to do it.

By installing a few carefully chosen kitchen accessories into your home, you can make your kitchen feel more homely and cosy, plus they will help you to improve the standard of your Valentine’s feast. Appliances like stand-alone blenders, bread makers and slow cookers make a kitchen feel more lived in and more loved; the perfect mood for a romantic meal for two.


Once you’ve got the big things like décor and accessories sorted, it’s time to turn your attention to those all important finishing touches.

There are few things more important than lighting for setting a romantic scene. Try investing in some chunky church candles to line the room with, and then arrange some tea candles on tiny saucers on window-sills and kitchen surfaces and turn those main lights down.

Flowers make a great finishing touch and can add to a fantastic table display creating a colourful and vibrant mood. You could opt for the old classic red roses, but why not think a little outside the box and opt for orchids, tulips, crocus or freesias. Speak to your local florist about what will work best with your kitchen décor.

CR-ED0354 Romantic candles on a black background

Creating a romantic setting in your kitchen is easier than you might think. All you need is a bit of time, a little imagination and a spark of romance.

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