How do you clean a mattress?

When laundry day swings around, you might strip the beds to give sheets, duvets and pillowcases a wash – but what about the mattress?

Aside from the fact that it won’t fit in the washing machine, we tend to overlook mattresses when it comes to cleaning.

It’s easy to think that mattresses don’t need much maintenance. In fact, most people just give them a flip now and again – and even that can be avoided by investing in a non-flip mattress.

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However, just like the curtains and cushion covers that tend to only be remembered during the annual spring clean, mattresses need some TLC not only to keep them in good condition but also for your health and peace of mind.


Did you know that the average person sweats out about half a pint’s worth of perspiration every night? This is probably enough to encourage you to clean your mattress already but to further emphasise the importance of a thorough clean, remember that dust mites thrive in soft furnishings, including mattresses.

Dust mites may be invisible to the naked eye but that doesn’t mean they’re not there – in fact, they can colonise a new mattress within six months.

With only a sheet to separate you from the moisture, stains, dust mites and dirt in your mattress, keeping it clean is essential; especially since we spend almost a third of our lives asleep!


Running a vacuum over the mattress will get rid of dead skin, dust and mites, although you should always check the manufacturer’s instructions first in case vacuuming could disturb the filling.


After vacuuming, you can steam clean your mattress to give it a more thorough clean. Work in sections with a handheld steam cleaner for the best results and bear in mind that the average mattress will take around four hours to dry.

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Mix one part baking soda and two parts cold water in a bowl to create a solution. Add a few drops of essential oils with soothing scents to guarantee a peaceful night’s sleep. Apply the solution using a clean cloth and allow it to sit undisturbed for 30 minutes. Rinse the remaining solution with a cloth dampened in cold water then use a towel to dry.

Cleaning your mattress can improve your health, improve your quality of sleep and calm any allergies. Alternatively, invest in a good mattress protector which you can pop in the washing machine to save yourself the hassle!

*Please check the manufacturer’s guide before proceeding with any of these steps.  

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