How to clean laminate floors

Laminate flooring is affordable and stylish. With lots of wood effect laminate designs and surface options it can look just like real wooden flooring. Have you chosen our quality smooth flooring? Read on to find out the best way to clean laminate floors.

white laminate_mini


Image shows white laminate flooring


For day to day laminate maintenance use a dustpan and brush to sweep away dust and outdoor dirt. It’s very important to keep your smooth flooring free of this as it can damage your protective laminate surface that makes it resistant to fading, burns and stains.


Forgot to wipe your feet after walking the dog or made a mess whilst cooking? It’s easy to maintain flooring that’s simple to spot clean. Be it sweeping, wiping or dabbing away the dirt in a small area, laminate can look as good as new with only a little of your time.


Simply wipe away those inevitable spills with a dry, clean cloth! Laminate makes perfect flooring for those with busy lives or large families that see a lot of traffic in their main rooms.


Cleaners diluted with a lot of water work wonders. There are laminate floor cleaning products available so be sure to check the manufacturers guarantee before using these to prevent damage to your new floor.


A once or twice a week of vacuuming will keep your laminate clean and free from debris and stain. Cleaning laminate flooring couldn’t be easier!


Why not have a professional clean your flooring once a year to keep it sparkling?

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