How to clean your carpet

Flooring is the most essential part of the home and it’s not surprising that it’s also the most pricy. To ensure your investment lasts year after year and looks great too, then you must know how to maintain it. As flooring experts, we recommend a number of efficient floor cleaning techniques and even provide tips for pet owners who have a flea problem within their home.

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How to Clean Carpet

Looking after your carpet can be easy as long as you know how. Basic carpet cleaning, such as vacuuming once or twice a week, can really guarantee that the flooring stays looking great and that dirt and mud do not spoil the pleasantness of your home. Do keep in mind that heavy traffic areas should be vacuumed more frequently.

Removing Stains in Carpet

Stains are a part of life and sometimes, unfortunately, cannot be prevented. The most important factor for removing stains in your best carpet is to act fast. Try to absorb the stain immediately with a clean cloth or plain kitchen roll and then clean the area with a solution that is bleach free, as not to discolour your floor, and in line with the manufacturer’s guide. Remember, immediate blotting is sure to prevent serious damage to your carpet.

Tips for Pet Owners – Removing Fleas

Did you know that fleas love warm and humid conditions, which means that during the winter they don’t only hide in our homes but thrive within them too. Fleas in carpet are therefore common if you have pets, especially if you have a cat or a dog.

To rid of fleas in your home, use an anti-flea carpet solution that will not damage your carpet. Spray it in every part of your home and on the carpet, most importantly in every corner! Treat your furniture too and in any place that you think that the fleas may want to hide, such as pet beds and toys. Do make sure that your pet has been flea treated first though, as otherwise the problem will return. If the flea problem in your home persists then seek professional carpet cleaners.

We hope these help you keep your home looking great and flea-free. For more cleaning tips, watch this great video by Diana Civil; How to Care for Your Flooring.


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