Thinking about choosing engineered wood for your flooring? Then, you’re on the right track! Engineered wood flooring offers better resilience when used in an area of higher moisture and humidity, and is available in a range of quality levels, which offers flexibility when choosing the right one for a particular room. No wonder it’s become popular as a flooring option in the last few years!

Carbonized Larch 190mm


Engineered wood is produced by cross-layering between three and twelve layers of wood together. These are then glued together to form a tongue and groove design. This makes them incredibly easy to fit. Where natural wood may have to be nailed, it is sometimes possible to glue engineered wood to an existing surface, such as concrete. The surface must be as free as possible from moisture, but the finish always looks great and professional.

Choose your Favourite Wood

With engineered wood, you have the option of choosing different multiple-ply layers to suit the use and appearance you are aiming to create. Engineered wood with more ply layers is more expensive. But, the good news is that engineered wood is available in most popular woods. You can choose the width of the wood, usually between three and seven inches. A thinner wood provides a more formal finish, whereas a broader panel would give a country-style feel to your floor.



Engineered wood has the appearance of a traditional wood floor, is easier to fit and, with the right care, can last twenty to thirty years. We have engineered wood available in certain stores so visit a Carpetright store today!

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