Your bathroom sees the most traffic, from everyday use by your family to visits by frequent guests. That’s why using mosaic effect vinyl flooring is perfect; not only is it durable but it creates a great style statement too. We go through the great qualities of mosaic effect vinyl flooring


Mardi_Gras mosaic effect vinyl


Mosaic effect vinyl designs include different coloured tiles and patterns. This makes it easier to decorate the rest of your bathroom. It’s also useful if you simply wanted to keep your bathroom white and wanted a focal point – which would be your new mosaic effect floor!

The mosaic pattern can also help you set the mood of the bathroom. Choose softer hues for a relaxing atmosphere or bold coloured mosaic tile style for a modern finish.



Topaz mosaic effect vinyl bathroom


Go Graphic! If you’re feeling bold and want to liven up tired décor, monochrome mosaic effect vinyl is bang on trend. Use the black and white floor to create the ultimate modern luxury bathroom that you’ve always dreamed of and complete the look with vibrant and quirky décor. It’s without a doubt a sleek bathroom idea that radiates opulence.


Titan 2 Sarando Alu Brown


Vinyl flooring is a great choice for rooms that see a lot of moisture, such as bathrooms. First and foremost, it’s water resistant and can withstand frequent spillages. Vinyl is also easy to clean, making it ideal for a busy family home, and can come with a slip-resistant surface – great for keeping your little ones safe.

Additionally, the pattern of mosaic effect vinyl flooring means that marks can are also hidden better, which means it’s sure to look better for longer. It’s an affordable flooring type too, which allows you to live in luxury without breaking the bank!

Top Tip: Did you know that a design with smaller mosaic tiles can give the illusion of a bigger bathroom?

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