If you’re tired of sleepless nights or waking up feeling more drained than when you went to sleep, you may need a new mattress. A good mattress will enable you to have a great night’s sleep and leave you feeling refreshed and raring to go – but how should you go about choosing the perfect one?


A good bed should beckon you at the end of a long day and help you drift off into a deep sleep to fully recharge your batteries. Mattresses should provide the ultimate comfort to achieve this objective which is why we stock memory foam mattresses.

Contour bed


Memory foam technology was developed by NASA and moulds to your individual body shape, giving you the best possible comfort and support. If you share a bed with a partner who twists and turns a lot in their sleep, memory foam teamed with pocket coil springs is particularly useful as the springs work independently so you can enjoy uninterrupted sleep and even, effective support.

All of our fantastic mattresses are crafted with comfort at the forefront of the design. If memory foam isn’t for you, try out our Cashmere Supreme mattress which has 2,500 pocketed springs providing you with independent support over two layers; one for shock absorption and the other specifically for comfort.

Opt for an Aloe Vera or silk mattress cover for unbeatable comfort!

Cashmere 2500



Comfort is important but the best mattresses combine comfort with support. Depending on how you sleep, there are different mattresses to suit you and give you the best possible night’s sleep. A soft mattress is ideal if you sleep on your side as it alleviates the pressure from your hips and shoulders whereas a firm mattress is more suitable if you doze on your front or back as it will keep your spine in the right position.

Alternatively, if you move around in your sleep then you can get great support in all sleeping positions with a medium-support mattress.

We also stock a great range of mattresses specifically designed for Orthopaedic care, such as the Ortho Backcare mattress.


We understand that different people have different needs which can range from additional support to allergy-fighting mattresses and you can rest assured we have all your needs covered.

If respiratory problems stop you from getting good sleep, why not try a non-allergenic mattress? Alternatively, if you get hot and bothered under the covers during the summer months, our Sports Memory Therapy mattress has Blu Cool memory foam for temperature control.

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so whether you say goodbye to tossing and turning with memory foam mattresses, boost support with back care mattresses or discover ultimate comfort with cashmere, have a great night’s sleep every night.

Visit a Carpetright bed store for professional and friendly advice or simply to try before you buy!

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