Why children sleep less in the 21st century

Just as food and water play an important part in our lives, so does sleep. Without it, our physical and mental wellbeing becomes deprived, causing a range of psychological, biological and social problems.
This is especially the case with children, as sleep provides them with the vital time needed to develop, grow and process things they’ve learnt during the day. Unfortunately, many children do not get a sufficient amount of sleep; resulting in mood swings, lack of concentration and temper tantrums.
Here we look at why children are sleeping less in the modern day and what you can do to counteract it.


Before you can increase the amount of sleep your children get, you must first identify what it is that is preventing them from getting a good night’s rest. Common factors which affect sleep are:
• Technology: digital media, smartphones and tablets are big parts of today’s evening routines and kids who are still ‘switched on’ to these devices will struggle to get some shut eye as screens emit blue light which decreases melatonin production (the hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle).
• Bedtime routines: children thrive on stability and failure to introduce a clear bedtime routine can affect the length and quality of the sleep they get.
• Comfort: an uncomfortable bed or mattress that lacks support can also affect sleep patterns in children and lead to a disrupted night’s sleep.
Marseilles sleep station girls bed 


Making the bedroom a cosy and attractive place to be is certainly one way to encourage a restful sleep. Using calming colours and comforting aesthetics is a great idea; anything too bright may cause heightened energy levels.
The colour blue is thought to slow the heart rate down, while purple can have the opposite effect as it stimulates the brain. If you don’t want to paint your child’s room blue then think about introducing blue accessories and bed linen.


The average human being spends around 24,000 hours in bed during their lifetime, which makes investing in a good bed a must. Always choose the best quality children’s bed you can afford. A bed with under bed storage is also a wise option for a little one’s room, hiding a large amount of clothes and toys for an instant declutter.


Asides from the bed, making the rest of the room look like a cosy retreat is certainly one way to encourage your little ones to want to go to sleep. A soft, pretty hued carpet can instantly transform an entire room. Or why not warm up a wood or laminate floor with a bold contemporary rug in a statement design.

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