Why do children need more sleep?

There is a reason why children need more sleep than adults, from acting energetic and alert to being able to concentrate better in school. We look at how lack of sleep affects them and suggest things that you can do to make them much happier children.

why kids need more sleep



More sleep means better grades! The BBC has found that late nights can blunt children’s minds. Everyone knows that focusing on studies is so much easier when you’re not feeling tired, so it is very important that school children get enough sleep. They will be able to concentrate better and will find things less difficult to remember. Take note that a sleep routine is useful even during summer holidays because when the summer is over, they will need to wake up early for school. A routine would mean that it wouldn’t be so difficult for your kids to pay attention in class.


Sleep is important for brain and body. Apart from helping children to learn, a healthy sleeping pattern can ensure that their growth isn’t affected.  Not only will it ensure that they grow tall but it will also mean that they stay physically healthy. Lack of sleep can directly affect weight gain so be sure to keep this in mind when your children climb out of bed without sleeping long enough.


When adults are tired, they’re more irritable and unhappy, which is also true of children, as lack of sleep clearly impacts behaviour. A good sleep routine will ensure that your children are happy. It’s bound to bring a few less tantrums too.


Did you know that not enough sleep can also affect your children’s immune system?  Make sure that your children are getting the sleep that they need to mature into healthy and happy adults. The Sleep Council found that a new supportive bed and mattress is a must, so be sure to buy an irresistably comfortable one!


We recommend that you remove caffeine, TV and any other electronic items in the bedrooms to encourage sleep and reduce the stimulation of the brain just before bedtime. This is sure to help the children to relax more and become ready for bed.

A bed time routine can therefore prevent many problems in the future so act now. And remember the more your children sleep, the more you will too!

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