Carpetright’s The Art of Flooring exhibition

The Bright PR Home Show on 14th November 2012 presented The Art of Flooring exhibition by Carpetright.

It was arranged like a real gallery, yet a simple difference was that Carpetright encouraged journalists to touch their artworks to feel the textures of the materials that were used!



They saw artworks inspired by famous artists and artworks, which were made from carpet, vinyl and underlay.


Not only was Andy Warhol the inspiration but also 1950s postimpressionist works and ordinary people’s general love of texture:


See Andy Abbott, the artwork designer of Carpetright’s artwork speak about his work:

In the centre could be seen an elegant storage bed, it was Carpetright’s Cordoba Ottoman bed that completed the overall space of the exhibition.

To walk Carpetright’s exhibition watch the YouTube video below:

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