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Whereas deciding between a single bed and a double bed can be easy, choosing between a double and a king size bed or even a super king size bed may be more difficult – especially if you don’t know the exact differences between them.

Children’s Beds and Guest Bedrooms

Do you have a nursery and hoping to change it to a modern child’s bedroom? Find fun and strong small single beds that will make the transition between a cot and a standard bed easier for your young children.

We also have single beds that are ideal for older children and teenagers, so if you are redecorating your children’s bedroom we suggest you buy a modern metal bed or even a wooden bed frame.  A practical single divan bed, in our opinion, will keep both parties happy. You because of more storage space and your teens as they will have more clear room!

A single bed is also commonly used for guest bedrooms. It is easier to fit a single bed into a room that also provides better comfort and support than a regular sofa. Plus, you can practically fit it into any room in your house.

Double Beds

Did you know that a double bed is the standard bed size in the UK? It is especially popular with couples, which is without a doubt because it provides more room for two individuals to sleep in.

King Size Beds

What if we told you that king size beds are even better? A US standard queen size bed, which is the equivalent to the UK’s king size bed, is approximately 5” bigger than a double bed. Sleep analysis reports that partners must be lying on their back, side by side, with their hands behind their heads without elbows touching in order to test that they have enough room to sleep comfortably. A king size can therefore be ideal for larger and taller individuals or simply for those who enjoy a lot of personal space throughout the night.

Super King Size Beds

We believe that super king size beds are impressive, luxurious, comfortable and even practical. They are perfect for big families who have little cheeky children who like to sleep with their parents or couples who share their bed with their favourite pets. By buying a super king size divan bed, you can make sure that it is a practical choice too, which ensures you have lots of space, lots of storage and lots of happy faces.

The Bigger the Better

After sleep scientists found that enough sleeping space will affect your restfulness and peace throughout the night, bed specialists, including Carpetright, urge individuals to buy the biggest bed that their budget allows. This will affect your well being and so choosing a bed size can be a very important decision. Read our FREE bed buying guide to make sure you make the right choice.

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