All about bed bugs

It is a fact that bed bugs are most often picked up during a holiday or when someone has been travelling. Did you know that even the cleanliest of places may have bed bugs because these insects do not care for filth or a hygienic environment? So, if you were looking at going to a nice Bed and Breakfast, be sure that it has undergone health and safety checks beforehand!

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Preventing Bed Bugs:

Unfortunately there is no one remedy that can keep bed bugs from coming into your home. Bed bugs attach themselves to people’s clothes, bags, to pets and can simply enter through your front door.

If you want to be cautious though when you go on a break, we have a number of suggestions for you to take into account. Firstly, do not allow your baggage to touch the floor of your hotel room. Inspect all drawers, the bed, the headboard and even the linen. Then, when you come home immediately wash and clean all clothing and baggage if possible. These basic steps will hopefully prevent any bed bugs from entering your homes.

We think that one of the most important bed bug prevention hints is to keep you home clutter-free! This will mean that the bed bugs will not have a place to hide when it comes to infesting your home. It will also help the homeowner identify a problem quicker for immediate extermination.

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Treating Bed Bugs:

There a variety of treatments for bed bugs that has come about the past few decades, from bed bug sprays and traps to extreme temperature home treatments. We however recommend seeking professional extermination companies who will be able to remove the bed bugs immediately without harming yourself and your family while also preventing further damage to your home and furniture.

Be comforted in knowing that everybody gets bed bugs at one point in their lives and does not reflect the hygiene in your home. So when you find the symptoms of bed bugs, such as bites and a rash on the body, give it immediate attention and seek professional help.

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