If a bed is the centrepiece of the bedroom, the headboard is the centerpiece of the bed. This part of your bed makes an immediate style statement and sets the theme for the rest of the room.

Luckily there are lots of headboards to choose from to suite all tastes and budgets.

When you go shopping for a new headboard, think carefully about your choice as it will influence the rest of the room. So we’ve put together a quick headboard buying guide:


In any home upgrade, be it revamping from the ground up or buying new furniture, you need to decide on a budget and stick to it.

Like anything, headboards come in low and high-end varieties. The advantage of this is that you can usually find a chic-looking model at a price you can afford even if it doesn’t have the designer label!

On the whole, you can get hold of a great looking headboard at an attractive price. Even if you only spend a little bit of cash, it is amazing how much a headboard can transform a bedroom and inspire further decorating ideas.


Backcare headboard_mini


Image shows Backcare headboard

If you are feeling bold, go for a large headboard which will dominate a room but remember that the tone of all the other design factors will need to blend in with the theme.

Generally, a large headboard is ideal if you like to sit up and read in bed or maybe watch TV, while a smaller, lower headboard means more room for style statements elsewhere in your bedroom.

It will also affect the quantity of pillows and cushions you lay on, as too many may swamp your headboard.


Camille Headboard_mini


Image shows Camille headboard

You can get headboards in all sorts of materials these days. Faux leather, fabric, wood or metal; each has pros and cons which need to be taken into account when making your choice.

For example, do you enjoy watching television or do you occasionally indulge in breakfast in bed? If the answer is yes then a reasonably high padded faux leather or fabric covered headboard will be the ideal choice.

If you don’t lounge in bed then why not go for a wooden or a stunning metal headboard like above?




Image shows Pocket Latex 1200 headboard

With most retailers insisting in having an online presence, you can check out what is on offer before going to store in person.

Don’t waste valuable time pounding the pavement going from shop to shop when you can pinpoint what you want through an online search of what is in stock at your favourite retailer. This has the added bonus of providing you with ideas that may not have occurred to you before your search which can influence the next phase of purchasing: hitting the shops!

A scan of the web means you can hone in on what you’re after and be better prepared when you go and check out the material and quality of your new headboard.

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