5 of the best tips for organising your wardrobe

New season, new wardrobe! If like us you’ve just taken a batch of unwanted old-season clothes down to the local charity shop to make space for some brand new, brightly coloured spring items, then you are probably now looking for ways to organise your wardrobe to ensure that you get the best out of it for the coming few months. Here we give you a few insider tips to keep your wardrobe organised in 2015. In fact, it’s as simple as following these five easy steps:

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Are you often heard saying “I have nothing to wear” yet when you look to your wardrobe it appears to be bursting at the seams? If so, the truth of the matter is you probably do have a lot to wear, you just can’t find it! One way to resolve this problem is to downsize. Any items of clothing you haven’t worn in the past year should be considered clutter – unless of course they’re vintage! Removing unwanted pieces will not only free up space, it will make getting dressed a lot easier in the mornings.


To avoid a mismatched wardrobe, group similar items together. Having tops in one place and trousers or bottoms in another will make finding a certain piece of clothing much easier. You can also choose bed frames with storage to store smaller items such as underwear and nightwear or even for bulkier items like linen and pyjamas and any out of season clothes (this is particularly handy if moving your winter warmers out of the wardrobe for summer essentials).

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Shoes are an important addition to any outfit, so why do you keep hiding them in the bottom of your wardrobe? In most cases, there are probably a few pairs in there you’ve forgotten all about. Instead of only wearing the ones that you can reach, opt for a shelving system that allows you to store each shoe in a different compartment, If you have a storage bed then even better! Just use the space underneath your bed to organise your shoes. Trainers and casual flats should sit at one side and dress shoes at the other. You can follow similar tips for other accessories such as bags, scarves, hats, gloves and jewellery.


If you’re running low on hangers, instead of hanging several items of clothing on to the one hanger, go and buy new ones! If not, you’ll end up losing certain items under the weight of others. Some might even drop off entirely onto the floor.

Another way to reduce your need for hangers is to fold whatever clothes you can. Tops, jumpers and accessories are perfect for this and fit neatly into traditional divan beds with sliding drawers beneath the main bed frame.


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Having enough hangers is important – but so is choosing the right hangers. Sleek, slim styles will save on space whilst wire hangers tend to distort clothing and make it more likely that you’ll have to get the iron out again.

If you have more trousers than dresses, opt for hangers with clips. Similarly, if you own lots of delicate pieces, choose softer hangers that will protect your clothes from wear and tear and arrange them neatly to make it easier to get hold of what you need.

If you have tops that go with certain skirts and belts that go with certain jackets, hang these items together so you have complete outfits ready to go.

Getting ready in a rush will no longer be such a chore!

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