Tile effect vinyl flooring has become extremely popular because laying tiles can be very time consuming and expensive. Here at Carpetright, we have a range of tile effect vinyl flooring readily available to ensure you can find the perfect design to fit seamlessly into your home. Read this guide to find all you need to know about tile effect vinyl flooring, including:

1. What is tile effect vinyl flooring?

2. Benefits of tile effect vinyl flooring

3. How to maintain tile effect vinyl flooring

4. Safety advice

1. What is tile effect vinyl flooring?

Tile effect vinyl flooring is quite simply vinyl flooring which is designed to mimic the appearance of real tile or stone floors. It is available in a range of styles and can be sold as either a single vinyl sheet or multiple vinyl tiles which are laid together.

Both large tile and mosaic designs are popular and you’ll find this particular type of vinyl popular in bathrooms and kitchens – although it can be fitted in other areas of the home too.

The main benefit of choosing tile effect vinyl flooring over real tiles is the convenience and value for money you get. Your new floor will look just as good as the real thing but be much cheaper and easier to maintain.

2. Benefits of tile effect vinyl flooring

An increasing number of homeowners are choosing tile effect vinyl flooring because it is easy to lay, extremely inexpensive and incredibly stylish.

Tile effect vinyl flooring comes with all the benefits of vinyl, including being anti scratch, long lasting and durable, but it also mimics the appearance of real tiles so you don’t have to sacrifice style.

Tile effect vinyl flooring is the perfect flooring solution if you are looking for the style of tile but the durability and practicality of vinyl.

Where can you put tile effect vinyl flooring?

Tile effect vinyl flooring can be installed anywhere in the home, depending on your personal taste and style. It is recommended for use in bathrooms and kitchens as it is waterproof and slip resistant meaning you can be sure of maximum safety at all times.

Here at Carpetright we also have a range of tile effect vinyl floorings that are suitable for use with underfloor heating systems. This means that you can ensure your bathroom and kitchen are warm throughout the year and don’t have to be put off by the idea of cold floors in the morning.

How natural does tile effect vinyl flooring look?

The key benefit of tile effect vinyl flooring is that is looks 100% natural and authentic, leaving your guests wondering what the secret to your comfortable, soft, tile effect flooring is. This flooring is also guaranteed to complement most if not all interior spaces so you can be sure that it will fit seamlessly into your home.

Why is tile effect vinyl flooring ideal for kitchens and bathrooms?

Tile effect vinyl flooring is recommended for both bathrooms and kitchens in modern and traditional homes for a number of reasons.

Unlike stone or wood flooring which can be destroyed by water damage, vinyl is water resistant and will not absorb surface spills. This does make it important that you clear any spills immediately though otherwise dangerous puddles of liquid could form and pose a slip hazard.

As well as being water resistant, vinyl flooring is also suitable for use with underfloor heating which means it can add plenty of warmth and comfort to traditionally cold rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen.

Soft and comfortable underfoot, it also boasts a high quality design finish and can be easily repaired or replaced when damaged. In most cases the damaged tile or section of vinyl can simply by cut out or removed and replaced with a fresh piece of the same size to give you longer-lasting, great looking floors.

Is vinyl flooring slip resistant?

All vinyl flooring available from us at Carpetright is slip resistant making it the perfect flooring solution for busy family homes. That said, leaving surface water on the vinyl is never advised and could pose a hazard if it collects into a puddle. The anti-slip properties of vinyl flooring is just one of the reasons why it is such a popular choice in the kitchen and bathroom.

Why is tile effect vinyl flooring a good alternative to real tiles?

Tile effect vinyl flooring is the ideal solution for any homeowner looking for unbeatable value when it comes to fitting new floors. It is a great alternative to real tiles because it is far cheaper and also incredibly practical – making it a convenient option for modern families.

Vinyl flooring is much easier to install into your home and a great deal more cost effective than real tiles, with a longer shelf life. It also provides superior comfort underfoot with heat and sound insulation provided as an added extra. Vinyl flooring can also be replaced or repaired more easily than real tiles and is more resilient and durable.

There is also more choice available in terms of style and colour when it comes to tile effect vinyl flooring. We have a great collection to choose from at Carpetright so we’re sure you’ll find just what you need to suit any decor.

3. How do you keep tile effect flooring clean and shiny?

Tile effect vinyl flooring is well known for being incredibly easy to clean, especially when compared to real tiles. To clean this type of flooring you should use a dry, soft brush to sweep away loose debris or dirt.

For stains or ground in dirt you may need to use a damp cloth or mop to clean your vinyl. Make sure that the mop or cloth is damp and not wet by wringing out thoroughly as if water seeps into joins or edges on your final then it can damage the adhesive beneath.

In most instances, hot water and a light soap will be enough to remove dirt from your vinyl but in some instances detergent or other cleaning chemicals should be used. Always read the label carefully before applying to your vinyl as not all chemicals are safe for use on these types of floors and may not be suitable for homes with pets or children.

4. Safety Advice

Vinyl flooring is water resistant but not water absorbent so any water spillage should be wiped up immediately to minimise the risk of slips.

Make sure all edges of your floor are securely fixed down to prevent tripping. You can find out how to lay vinyl flooring by reading our handy DIY Guide. However, we recommend getting expert help for the best results, which you can do by booking a free home consultation.

Tile effect vinyl flooring is flame retardant and has been safety checked by Carpetright but should still be kept away from flames and excessive heat.

Check any cleaning products are safe to use on vinyl by reading the label.

View our Tile Effect Vinyl Flooring now and order free samples to test which one is right for you.