Mixing practicality, affordability and style, modern vinyl flooring is a fantastic choice for anyone hunting for simple yet effective modern flooring for their home.

Suited for kitchens and bathrooms, but not out of place anywhere else in the home, modern vinyl flooring is perfect for newer homes and comes in a wide array of styles and designs to suit any decor. In this guide you’ll find everything you need to know about modern vinyl flooring, including:

1. What is modern vinyl flooring?

2. Benefits of modern vinyl flooring

3. How to clean vinyl flooring

4. Safety advice

1. What is modern vinyl flooring?

Modern vinyl flooring can be used to complement any newer property with a range of patterns, colours and designs to match any existing decor. From neutral tile effects to brightly coloured mosaics and gloss black flooring, there’s a style to suit every home and every taste. Such designs can also be used to modernise specific rooms of your home or to provide style contrasts in period properties.

2. Benefits of modern vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring has many benefits; not least the fact that it is easy to install. Straight forward to clean and maintain, it offers an inexpensive flooring solution available in a range of styles and designs to suit any home.

Scratch resistant and water resistant, vinyl flooring is exceptionally durable and is designed for rooms that are heavily used too so you know you’re getting value for money. As the material can mimic real wood floors and tiles, you are guaranteed to find a style that suits too.

Which type of interior décor suits modern vinyl flooring?

With such a wide range of styles and designs to choose from, modern vinyl flooring can be found to suit any type of interior decor. From adding life to plain rooms to revitalising traditional properties, styles can be found to complement or contrast with any existing decor.

Brightly coloured designs are a great fit in children’s rooms where the bolder designs will really stand out. Darker designs and styles can complement lighter coloured kitchen cabinets, appliances and bathroom suites in other areas of the home and can also be used in living areas. Wood or tile effect vinyl is probably most popular in the kitchen or bathroom while plain or bolder patterned varieties can be used in bedrooms or utility rooms.

3. How to clean modern vinyl flooring?

Modern vinyl flooring is amazingly simple to clean and requires very little maintenance. Cleaning it requires the removal of loose dirt and debris with a broom while a damp mop can be used to remove stuck-fast dirt and unwanted stains.

Cleaning chemicals and detergents can be used with modern vinyl flooring but you should always read the label to ensure such products are suitable for use as not every chemical will be safe for use on vinyl – especially if you have children or pets in the home.

When washing your vinyl flooring it is important not to use an overly wet mop – using too much water can result in the glue that holds the flooring being damaged as water works its way into the cracks and edges. Always wring mops and clothes out thoroughly when cleaning so they are damp and not wet. Vinyl flooring doesn’t absorb water so you should also be sure to clear any spillages immediately to prevent dangerous puddles from forming on the surface and presenting a slip hazard.

4. Safety Advice

Modern vinyl flooring does not absorb liquid spills so it should be wiped immediately to prevent damage and reduce the likelihood of an accident or slip. Ensuring the edges of your floor are securely fixed down will also help to prevent slipping. Book a free home consultation now for expert fitting or learn how to do it yourself with our handy DIY Guide.

Any items placed on top of modern vinyl flooring should have rubber backs or be non-slip to ensure they do not slide on the flooring. Make sure you place rugs in a suitable position to avoid corners upturning or getting caught on feet and posing a trip hazard.

Items of large furniture should be secured if possible to prevent them from sliding on vinyl floor and you can buy protective feet to stop furniture damaging you new vinyl floors too.

When cleaning, care should be taken to adequately dry the floor to prevent slips while any cleaning chemicals should be checked for their suitability before use. Always read the label.

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