Traditional Rugs Buying Guide

Choosing a traditional rug for your home can transform the look and feel of any room with beautiful colours, patterns and designs. To find out if a traditional rug is the right choice for you, read this guide covering topics including:

1. Buying a traditional style rug

2. Where to put a traditional rug

3. Does sunlight discolour rugs?

4. Safety advice

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1. What do you need to consider when choosing a traditional rug?

With their wide range of colours and designs, traditional rugs will suit the interior decor of any home. Whether you create an ultra modern house or you opt for a classic feel for your home, the oriental design of this style of rug is ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, studies or bedrooms.

What is the style of a traditional rug?

Traditional rugs are based on the intricate Persian designs that are associated with luxury and timeless beauty. Manufactured from soft new wool, these rugs are the epitome of style.

Flowers and delicate patterns are identified with traditional rugs and they usually have a central motif surrounded by a contrasting border.

Which kind of interior design suits a traditional rug?

A traditional rug will enhance any style of interior design. Place the rug directly on to a bare wood or laminate floor or simply position the rug on an existing carpet; the timeless appeal of these rugs will always add style and sophistication. To compare traditional rugs with other styles, take a look at our handy rugs buying guide.

Which colours are usually associated with traditional rugs?

Rich deep reds, vibrant blues and even calm creams and beiges are all associated with traditional rugs. The original Persian rugs were famed for their delicate use of colour and design, and this tradition endures to the present day.

Calming greens and variants of almost any hue on the colour spectrum can be found in contemporary traditional rugs. The patterns and colours of the rugs present an image of taste and style.

Are most traditional rugs patterned?

Pattern is the predominant theme for traditional rugs. From complex and intricate traceries connecting images of flowers and leaves to swirling patterns in delicate beiges and creams imposed on a dark blue or red background, traditional rugs come in a wide variety of patterns and designs.

Most traditional rugs are multi coloured with each shade complementing the other so the overall effect is one of timeless appeal.

2. Which room is best for a traditional rug?

Any room in the house will be improved with the addition of a traditional rug. Bedrooms that need brightening up will look fantastic with one of these rugs while living rooms, studies, dining rooms and even stairways will benefit from a traditional rug.

Kitchens and bathrooms need a different type of floor covering but if you want to add warmth, colour and style to your home, then you may be able to find suitable traditional rugs with a rubber back for non-slip safety.

3. Does sunlight have a large impact on traditional rugs?

The sun can affect all rugs. The best way to take care of your traditional rug is to rotate it rather than leaving it in the same position.

During the summer months, if you carry out this manoeuvre on a regular basis, your rug is less likely to fade in one particular spot. Placing shutters at windows will also protect your beautiful rug but if the sun is excessively bright then shielding your rug with curtains is also a good idea.

Some fading is to be expected over the years, but a few simple precautions will help retain the naturally vibrant colours of the rug.

4. Traditional Rug Safety Advice

It’s always important to be aware of safety when installing a rug in your home.

When placing a traditional rug on a wooden or laminate surface, a rug grip will ensure that the rug stays in one place and doesn’t slide across the floor. Sometimes known as anti slip underlay, this fabric is perfect for securing all types of rugs but you can also look for rubber-backed, slip-resistant rugs.

Never place your rug on a wet or damp surface and always clean it rug with a recommended cleaner, checking chemicals are safe before use.

When vacuuming your rug, make sure that your vacuum is switched to suction mode and does not have a beater bar.

To prolong the life of your rug, always mop up any stains as soon as possible by dabbing the patch with a soft, colour-fast cloth. Never rub the stain.

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