Shaggy Rugs Buying Guide

Soft to touch and luxurious too, the shaggy rug will enhance any room in your home.

Let your feet sink into this beautiful floor covering as a result of the rug’s sensual feel and embrace ultimate luxury in your home. We have all the information you need to get the most from your shaggy rug so read on and discover why they might be right for you.

1. Why choose a shaggy rug

2. How to clean a shaggy rug

3. Safety advice

Silver shaggy rug from Carpetright

1. Why should I choose a shaggy rug?

Anyone looking to create a sense of opulence in their home will love the sumptuous finish of this type of floor covering. Shaggy rugs add texture to any room as well as working well with your chosen interior décor.

These rugs come in a wide range of colours and materials suitable for any type of property. This rug provides a feeling of style and chic to your home. If you’re not sure if a shaggy rug is for you, take a look at our handy rugs buying guide and compare this style with others.

What is the texture of a shaggy rug like?

The shaggy rug gets its name from its deep pile finish. Some shaggy rugs have an ultra fluffy appearance, which only adds to the feeling of comfort and warmth that this rug will provide. Made from long fibres the shaggy rug is a dream to walk on, your feet will simply sink into the rug

Which room is best for a shaggy style rug?

Getting up in the morning will be a joy once your feet meet the warm and inviting surface of your shaggy rug. These rugs look great in any room, including the bathroom. Living and dining rooms look great with the addition of a shaggy rug and they are ideal for children’s playrooms. The soft pile surface makes this floor covering a pleasure to walk on throughout your home.

What interior design suits a shaggy rug?

Whether you have a contemporary home or a more traditional style of interior decor, a shaggy rug will complement any finish. Try blending a neutral coloured shaggy rug with dark wall shade; the end result will be stunning.

More conventional style houses will be enhanced with the introduction of this type of floor covering. Shaggy rugs are as much about comfort as style and they really do work well with all tastes and interior designs.

What is a shaggy rug made out of?

Shaggy rugs can be made from many materials. Both man-made and natural fibres are used in the manufacture of these rugs. In some countries they are even made from bamboo and leather.

The name of this type of rug comes from the length of the yarn that’s used in its manufacture and the loose weave of its pile, thus producing the rug’s shaggy appearance. Expect to find a wide range of textures shapes and colours when buying one of these rugs.

2. Which is the best way to clean a shaggy style rug?

It’s important to know how to look after your shaggy rug in order to preserve its life. These types of rugs can be shaken outside to remove any surplus dust or dirt before starting to vacuum the rug. Raking the rug with a purpose built carpet rake is also a good idea.

These rugs can shed loose fibres, so always vacuum on a low setting. If the rug is stained, try not use harsh chemicals one the rug’s surface. It’s better to clean your rug with gentle steam cleaning, which is effective for all but the most stubborn of stains.

It’s always important to read the manufacture’s guidelines before attempting to clean your shaggy rug and ensure any chemicals are safe for use.

3. Shaggy Rug Safety Advice

When placing your shaggy rug over a wood or laminate surface, make sure that the rug is secured with a non-slip underlay to stop the rug from moving about and being a danger and a source of accidental falls. Alternatively, look for rubber-backed rugs which are non-slip.

Anyone with allergies will be delighted to discover that some shaggy rugs are constructed from hypoallergenic fibres. These types of rugs are great for children’s bedrooms and playrooms.

When placing a rug in front of an open fire, make sure that your fire is protected by a fireguard. Sparks from a fire that is unprotected could fall on your rug and start a fire even if the rug is slip resistant.

Make sure your always position rugs in a safe position in rooms where it will not pose a risk of trips or falls. This means keeping it clear of doorways and entrances, placing it away from obstacles or furniture and ensuring it sits flat on the floor with no lumps, bumps or upturned corners.

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