Modern Rugs Buying Guide

With their wide range of colours and stunning designs, modern rugs will complement any home. These floor coverings are stylish, hardwearing and come in a range of materials and sizes

Modern rug designers sometimes take their inspiration from contemporary artists. Older more traditional houses can benefit from the vibrant appearance of a modern rug. From swirls to monoblocks, the patterns used on modern rugs are diverse enough to suit the decor of any style home.

1. What is a modern style rug?

2. How to clean a rug

3. Safety advice

1. What is a modern rug?

Bold patterns incorporating vibrant colours are just one of the trademarks of this style of rug. To compare modern style rugs against other available styles, take a look at our handy rugs buying guide.

Funk modern rug from Carpetright

What are the benefits of a modern rug?

Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, the modern rug will add a pleasing contrast feature to any room. Many are vibrant and can cheer up a dull decor. Alternatively, some will enhance the existing features of your room. Anyone who wishes to make a statement about their taste will find a modern rug to suit their style.

Where can you place modern rugs?

Any room in the house will look good with the addition of a modern rug. These floor coverings will add a sense of fun to a child’s bedroom or playroom. The wide range of colours and designs means that there is a modern rug that’s suitable for every room in the house.

Brighten up a dull dinning room with a vibrant diamond patterned rug or create the perfect bedroom with a block patterned modern rug. Gain some inspiration with our wide selection of floor coverings.

What materials are modern rugs made out of?

Modern rugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and materials. They can be made from natural fibres, including wool and cotton, or they can be manufactured from stain resistant man-made fibres.

Some rugs are hand finished; others are entirely made by machine. All rugs can be hard wearing and durable so whatever your taste and budget, you’re sure to be able to source the ideal modern rug for your home.

How would a modern rug complement my decor?

A modern rug can complement your decor in a number of ways. Thanks to the different patterns and colours available there is a rug that’s suitable for any type of home and means you can inject a stylish design feature into your home quickly and easily.

Match your rug to the rest of your room by picking out accent colours to emphasise or by using a patterned rug with an otherwise plainly decorated home or vice versa.

2. How to clean a rug

In theory it is possible to machine-wash some rugs, but it’s not always advisable. Most domestic washing machines aren’t large enough to wash a rug and may do more damage than good.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions before committing your rug to the washing machine and if in doubt have it professionally cleaned instead. Checking the type of materials used in the rug’s production is vital and you should remember that most stains on rugs can be treated with a damp cloth.

In extreme cases, dab a little dry cleaning solvent onto the affected area to remove deeper stains. Remember it’s important to always dab a stain rather than rub it as this can damage the colours and texture of your rug.

3. Modern Rugs Safety Advice

When laying down a rug it’s important to secure the rug so it doesn’t slip. Always carry out this practice on wood or laminate flooring and choose rubber-backed, slip-resistant rugs where possible. Apply non-slip underlay to the back of the rug on other varieties and consider using a rug pad to prevent more movement.

Those with allergies should take care when cleaning their rugs and always wear suitable protective equipment. Steam cleaning rather than vacuuming is always a good idea but caution should be exercised when using the steam cleaner. Some rugs are even made from hypoallergenic fibres which is great for any allergy sufferer.

You should also show caution when choosing the position of your rug so make sure it does not block entrances or doorways or pose a trip or slip hazard. Place rugs away from obstacles and furniture and ensure it sits flat across the floor without lumps, bumps or curled edges.

Rugs look great in front of an open fire but to ensure your family’s safety, make sure that the fire has a guard placed around it to prevent a fire. All our rugs are fire-resistant but you should still avoid leaving rugs unattended by open fires or exposing them to naked flames.

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