Dining Room Flooring Buying Guide

Adding definition to a dining room often takes more than the perfect accessories or paintings, often it means finding that perfect flooring that will bring your dining room to life.

CARDINAL TWIST PLAIN CARPETDining rooms are a space where families can get together, eat fantastic food and chat about their day, so it’s important to get the ambiance and the overall theme just right. Whether you’re looking for carpet, laminate or vinyl flooring, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Carpetright we understand the importance of getting that dining room just right and with a range of flooring solutions at your fingertips you’re guaranteed to find the right one for your home.

Choosing the perfect dining room flooring has never been easier with this guide.

1. What are the different types of dining room flooring?

Dining Room Carpets

Carpets work really well in dining rooms because they add a touch of comfort and luxury to the room where you desire it most. Dining room carpets also ensure maximum sound insulation meaning that the room is always comfortable for quite conversations and louder jokes during dinner parties. Attractive Saxony carpets or Berbers are fantastic for dining rooms where you want to create an air of elegance and sophistication for your family and guests alike.

Dining Room Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a cost effective method of bringing wood effect floors into your dining room and works really well if you have a mahogany or oak table or other wooden furniture. Laminate flooring is an excellent solution for busy family homes that use the dining room on a regular basis as it is stain resistant and super easy to clean.



Dining Room Vinyl Flooring

Both vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) work really well in dining rooms and are guaranteed to create a huge impact throughout the room. Vinyl flooring provides sound and heat insulation to the room while also providing superior style and elegance no matter your interior decor.

2. Which is the best type of flooring for a dining room?

The type of flooring you choose for your dining room will largely depend on the overall style and ambiance you desire for your room. A flooring solution can either blend in with your current furnishings or create a new focal point that leaves guests jealous, the choice really is yours.

The type of flooring you choose should also reflect the lifestyle you lead. For example, if you regularly have dinner parties and save your dining room for special occasions then a thick luxurious carpet is the perfect solution. However, if your home is a family- and child-friendly zone then you should opt for a solution that is a little more practical and requires less maintenance.

Which flooring type would best suit a traditional dining room?

If you have or desire a more traditional dining room look then carpet is the ideal flooring solution, guaranteed to add an air of aristocracy and sophistication. By choosing a deep pile Saxony carpet you can ensure your dining room boasts luxury and superior comfort underfoot.

With the luxury and elegance of a thick, deep pile carpet you can be sure your dining room will appear grand and enchanting to guests and family members. Team a cream Saxony carpet with an oak dining room table and extravagant deep red curtains and you will create the ultimate dining room that will never go out of style due to its authentic charm.

Alternatively, look at traditionally styled hard floors such as wood effect laminate. Choose an authentic natural wood effect design to get all the benefits of traditional wood floors with all the benefits of modern practicality and value for money.

Is carpet flooring a practical choice for a dining room?

Carpet flooring is a great choice for dining rooms that are used for special occasions and dinner parties as they provide luxury, comfort, warmth and sound insulation which is just what every dinner party needs.

However, if your dining room tends to be used on a daily basis and is full of young children, laminate or vinyl flooring may be more beneficial. Both vinyl and laminate are easy to clean, anti slip and stain resistant, making these flooring solutions the perfect addition to any busy family home. Carpets on the other hand will require greater maintenance and absorb liquid spills and stain more easily.

If you do choose to use carpet in your dining room, then we have a range of specialist options available, many of which are stain resistant as well as hard wearing and comfortable.

What effect does laminate flooring have in a dining room?

Laminate flooring is great for use in the dining room as it guarantees a contemporary look and a modern feel which is second to none. Laminate flooring is also great if you have a busy household and will be using your dining room on a regular basis.

This flooring alternative also works well to create space within your room as it opens up the room to sunlight and helps to give the impression your dining room is much larger than it actually is.

To ensure your laminate looks super homely and comfortable, why not place a thick rug on top to add another layer of texture and warmth to the overall ambiance of your dining room?

Why is vinyl flooring a good option for a dining room?

Vinyl flooring is a superb option for most rooms, the dining room included. Vinyl has the power to provide you with the look and feel of a wood effect or tile flooring, without the cost and maintenance.

Planet II 699 modern black vinyl flooringThe addition of vinyl in your dining room will give your home the stylish, contemporary edge it’s been craving while also proving to be extremely functional. With its anti slip properties, vinyl is the ideal choice for dining rooms full of young children running around and pets. This flooring choice is also stain resistant and easy to clean, meaning any marks can simply be removed with the use of a cloth and some warm water.

Although most commonly used in the bathroom and kitchen, you may be surprised by the range of options available with vinyl flooring for your dining room.

Before you buy, you may need to measure up and do some calculations. You can refer to our overall flooring buying guide for preparation information.

Order a selection of samples online to ensure you make the right choice.

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3. How do you care for a dining room floor?

Your dining room is used to eat in on a regular basis therefore it is crucial that you ensure any spillages are cleaned up immediately. How you clean your floor will depend on the specific flooring type you have chosen.

HARMONY 544 NEPAL STONE TILE VINYL FLOORINGIf you have a carpet in your dining room, vacuum it on a regular basis (at least once a week) to ensure it remains in tip top condition and lasts as long as you want it to. If you have chosen a thick Saxony carpet, be sure to re-position any heavy furniture from the carpet on a regular basis to ensure no indentations are made. You should also give your carpet a deeper clean every now and again using either professional services or your own carpet shampoo or steam cleaner.

If you have opted for vinyl or laminate flooring, ensure any spillages are cleaned up immediately as both floor types do not absorb water which means liquids will sit on the surface and pose a risk of slips and falls. Loose debris can be removed with vacuuming (using an appropriate attachment) or with a soft brush. For a more thorough clean, wash with warm water and detergent using a damp cloth or well wrung out mop. Do not wet or soak the floor to clean and ensure it has sufficient time to dry properly.

Useful products and accessories

1. Carpets

Find the perfect carpet for your dining room from our extensive collection.

2. Laminate Flooring

Browse our laminate flooring choices for practical hard floors suitable for the dining room and other areas.

3. Vinyl Flooring

Take a look at our vinyl flooring for an easy clean solution for dining rooms or other areas of the home.

4. Dining Room Flooring Safety Advice

Safety is important for any floor in your home, but especially in the dining room where food is eaten and risks of slipping are greater.

When cleaning any floor – carpet, laminate or vinyl – always ensure chemicals are safe for use on that type of flooring and are safe for your family and pets.

Make sure furniture is positioned sensibly in the room and have carpets fitted professionally to ensure there are no lumps or bumps which could cause trips. If adding rugs and mats to hard floors, ensure they are slip resistant.

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