Wooden Beds Buying Guide

Wooden bed frames are strong and attractive making them a popular choice for many bedrooms. While they’re often more expensive than a metal bed, they have many benefits. Read all about why a wooden frame could be the best purchase for you in our handy buying guide, covering information on the following topics:

1. Why choose a wooden bed frame?

2. Different types of wood bed frames

3. Choosing the right size bed frame

4. Delivery & assembly

5. How to care for a wooden bed

6. Wooden bed safety advice

1. Why should I choose a wooden bed frame?

Can’t decide between a wooden bed, a metal frame, or a divan? Find out why a wooden bed could be the best option for your room.

Americana wooden bed frame

What are the benefits of a wooden bed frame?

A wooden frame is strong and looks great in any bedroom. Wooden beds have a more unique character than metal bed frames due to the lovely grain of the wood. With slatted bases, wooden frames also have health benefits over a solid divan base as air can circulate more freely around the slats.

Can you get slatted wooden bed frames?

Most wooden bed frames come with sprung slats as they are more comfortable than solid or mesh bases. Solid timber slats are also available, providing a more solid feel to the bed. Slats are easy to attach to the base and easily replaced if broken or damaged – making maintenance easy.

Will a wooden bed frame suit my bedroom décor?

With different types of wood, a painted or lacquered timber finish and option of veneered timber, there are endless options to suit a wooden bed to your bedroom décor.

The bed can be the focal point of the room but you don’t want to overpower the décor; go for lighter grained woods in a light coloured bedroom to accentuate the feeling of space and freedom.

How long will a wooden bed frame last?

Quality wooden frames can last a lifetime and are stronger and more reliable than a metal frame.

A wooden bed will not rust and, unlike divan beds which need completely replacing when worn out, wooden beds will keep their support and simply need a new mattress to revive them in the future.

2. What are the different types of wood frame available?

Pine bed frames

Pine has a uniform texture, is cost effective and is one of the most common types of wood. The colour is fairly neutral, making it fit in well with most decors. Pine can resist swelling, shrinking and warping well.

Pine Darcy Wood Guest Bed

Oak bed frames

Oak is more expensive but has beautiful markings. An oak frame makes a bed very strong and durable; it’s even highly resistant to insects and fungal attacks.

Painted, lacquered or veneered timber bed frames are also available at a lower cost and can be bought in an array of colours to match your interior design.

Madison Wood Bed Frame

3. Which size wooden bed frame will I need?

Firstly think about the space that you have and what size bed you can fit into the room. Measure the room and allow space either side for bedside tables or other furniture.

Wooden bed frames do not usually take up as much space at each end as some fabric or leather beds however a sleigh style bed will be longer. If you’re unsure which size wooden bed to buy, take a look at our handy Bed Sizes Buying Guide for help and advice to make sure you buy the correct size bed and mattress.

4. Delivery & assembly

As part of our delivery service, we will put your new flat-packed wooden bed into the bedroom, saving you the trouble of carrying it up the stairs – then all you have to do is put it together.

Make sure you’ve got all the correct parts and tools before you begin. It’s recommended that there are at least 2 people involved in the assembly to do it correctly and safely.

5. How do you care for a wooden bed frame?

High levels of moisture can cause the shape wooden bed frames to warp. It’s a good idea to wipe down your bed frame with a damp cloth every couple of weeks, but remember to avoid harsh household cleaners that can strip off the varnish, and always dry the bed frame afterwards to protect the wood.

6. Wooden beds safety advice

Do not jump on the bed as this can also cause the wood to crack or snap. Although strong, bed frames are designed to hold the pressure of a person’s weight distributed evenly and jumping concentrates too much force in one place, leading to potential damage.

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