Ottoman beds are a stylish but practical alternative to a divan or a traditional bed frame. If you’re considering which type of bed to buy, then take a look below to find out everything you need to know about ottomans so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s the best type of bed for you.

1. Types of ottoman beds

2. Benefits of an ottoman bed

3. Choosing the right size ottoman bed

4. Delivery & Assembly

5. Safety advice

1. Types of ottoman beds

Side-lift ottoman storage bed

You can find both single and double side-lift ottoman beds that are suitable for master bedrooms, kids’ bedrooms or guest rooms. The mattress and frame of a side-lift ottoman is lifted from the side which makes it an ideal bed to place against a wall.

ottoman bed storage

Mix & match base storage bed

Some ottomans also come with drawers. When you order a bed you will usually be able to ‘mix and match’ the storage you opt for. You can decide to have no drawers, 1 large drawer or up to 4 smaller ones.

2. Benefits of an ottoman bed

Ottoman beds are a great choice if you need more storage because they come with a hydraulic or spring hinged mattress frame which can be lifted up so the area underneath can be packed with anything you want to put away.

Are Ottoman beds comfortable?

Invest in a quality ottoman frame and mattress, and you’ll get a great night’s sleep every night. Ottoman beds also have the added advantage of a padded headboard for optimum comfort.

How do ottoman beds work?

Ottoman beds are made up of a solid sided bed frame, mattress and headboard.

Mattresses are set on a hinged mechanism which is either powered hydraulically or with springs. You can quickly and easily lift the mattress to reveal storage beneath.

Some ottomans come with drawers too so storage areas can be reached without lifting the mattress.

How do ottoman bed mechanisms work?

Ottomans utilise a hinged mechanism so that the under-bed storage can be accessed by lifting the mattress. Spring loaded ottomans can be slightly more difficult to handle as they require a little more strength to use but a hydraulic hinge is makes the ottoman mattress extremely easy to lift.

If you choose a locking bed the mattress will automatically stay in an upright position whilst you get to your belongings.

In addition to this, most ottomans include a mechanism which gently sets the mattress back down when you’ve finished, making it safer to use.

What is the difference between divan beds and ottoman beds?

Divan beds normally consist of 2 box-like bed frames which are bolted together at the base but the underside of the bed can’t be accessed by lifting the mattress. However, some divans do have drawers which can be accessed from the side of the bed.

Choosing the right size ottoman bed

The ottoman bed that’s best for you will depend on the space you have and how you want to use it. It’s essential to measure your room before buying a bed to ensure it will fit.

When choosing the amount and type of storage you want from your Ottoman, consider what you want to keep in your bed and how often you’ll need to access it to make the right decision.

Ottoman beds are available in a range of standard UK sizes and can be fitted with a number of different mattresses so you can choose a mattress that perfectly suits your needs.

4. Delivery & assembly

When you shop with Carpetright, your new ottoman bed will arrive flat-packed at a time to suit you. We’ll even move the bed to the bedroom for you, saving you the trouble of getting it up the stairs.

Ottoman beds come with a wooden frame usually upholstered in padded fabric or leather and a metal frame that the mattress sits on. If you’re building your own ottoman you’ll need to screw the metal frame to the bed base.

How do you move an ottoman bed?

The frame of an ottoman is tightly screwed together and most come with a sizeable headboard which is also attached, so unless you’ve got very wide doors, you’ll have to take your ottoman apart in order to move it. Once the bed base and mattress have been separated they should fit through a door easily.

Never try to drag a bed as it can damage the structure, making it weak and therefore unsafe.

5. How to care for an ottoman bed

A high quality ottoman bed will be durable and should last at least 10 years but there are things you can do to help maintain your ottoman and keep it in tip-top condition for as long as possible.

If you have a leather or faux leather ottoman, then dust it regularly and polish it with specially designed spray mist once a month to give it an attractive high gloss finish.

Whenever you change your bedding, turn your mattress at the same time to avoid it wearing in particular spots.

When you turn your mattress, flip it over and swivel it around so that you’re sleeping on the other side and the other end the next time you go to bed. This is the most effective way to prolong the life of any type of mattress including memory foam and spring loaded mattresses.

6. Ottoman bed safety advice

If you want to make sure that there’s no possibility that your ottoman mattress will fall down whilst you’re using the storage then chose a bed frame with an automatic lock mechanism which will keep the mattress in place when the top of the bed is lifted up.

Hydraulic ottomans are the easiest to use because they require very little effort to lift and glide back down gently when you put the mattress back in place so there’s no danger of trapped fingers or other potential hazards.

Always open your ottoman bed fully when accessing the storage space beneath and ensure it is in a locked, stable position. Do not hold the bed at a half-extended point to lean or reach into the bed. Ensure extra safety is taken when using the bed around children.

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