Metal bed frames are popular due to their adaptability, durability and style. Discover the full benefits of buying one in our handy buying guide, which covers the following topics:

1. What is a metal bed frame?

2. Benefits of metal bed frames

3. Metal bed frame sizes

4. Choosing a metal bed frame

5. Delivery & assembly

6. How to clean a metal bed frame

7. Metal bed frame safety Advice

1. What is a metal bed frame?

Metal bed frames are strong and durable, and are available in a wide range of styles and shapes. The frame incorporates the base, legs and headboard. A metal frame is good value for money and a stylish addition to any room.

Camille metal bed frame

2. Why should I choose a metal bed frame?

Can’t decide between a wooden bed, a metal frame or a divan? Find out why a metal bed could be the best option for your room. You can also compare different types of beds by reading our helpful Bed Frames Buying Guide.

What are the benefits of a metal bed frame?

Metal beds are stylish and elegant, fitting into most bedrooms with ease. They are often a cheaper option than a wooden or divan bed and are extremely durable. Metal is not at risk of damage from insects or mould and will stay looking new for many years.

Will a metal bed frame suit my bedroom décor?

A metal frame can suit almost any bedroom. Whether it is a modern or traditional space, metal will add a touch of elegance and style. Metal frames are versatile and available in different finishes, colours and sizes to suit your room. Choose a chrome finish for a modern space or an antique finish for a more homely feel.

Can you buy a metal slatted bed frame?

Most metal bed frames come with free sprung slats. Sprung slats are used in many bed frames as they are more comfortable than solid or mesh bases. Although the frame is metal, you do not get metal slats. Wooden slats are easy to attach to the bed and are easily replaced if broken or damaged.

3. What are the different sizes of a metal bed frame?

Bed frames are available in all standard UK bed sizes from small single to super king size to correspond with mattress sizes. Measure the size of the room before you buy to establish the size you need.

Which size metal bed frame do you need?

Firstly think about the space that you have and what size bed you can fit into the room. Measure the room and allow space either side for furniture like bedside tables.

Unlike some bulkier fabric or leather beds, metal bed frames don’t take up much space at each end, making them great space-saving options.

For more help and advice to make sure you buy the correct size metal bed frame, take a look at our handy Bed Sizes Buying Guide.

4. Delivery & assembly

Metal bed frames are delivered flat packed when you buy online at Carpetright. We will then place the bed in the room where you will be assembling it to save you the trouble of maneuvering it around your home.

A metal frame is easy to put together, but make sure you tighten every part securely and check its stability before use.

5. How do you clean a metal bed frame?

Metal bed frames are extremely strong and require little maintenance, this means you’ll have a great looking bed for a long time. However, to prevent a build-up of dirt and dust, you should lightly clean the frame with a damp cloth every 2 weeks or so to keep it in perfect condition.

6. Metal Bed frame safety advice

Do not jump on the bed as this can cause the metal to bend or break. Although strong, bed frames are designed to hold the pressure of a person’s weight when distributed evenly and jumping concentrates too much force in one place, increasingly the likelihood of damage.

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