Memory Foam Mattress Buying Guide

If you’re thinking about a new mattress, why not consider an upgrade to memory foam? Read our guide to the different types on the market, and see whether you can resist.

A good nights sleep is a vital part of life, but some of us just don’t find it that easy. Whether it’s down to aches and pains, difficulty breathing or just a little discomfort, a memory foam mattress is bound to help. Find out how this smart technology can change your sleeping habits for good:

1. What is a memory foam mattress?

2. Benefits of a memory foam mattress

3. Choosing the right size memory foam mattress

4. How to care for a memory foam mattress

5. Safety advice
memory foam mattress

1. What is a memory foam mattress?

These are mattresses that mould themselves to the shape of your body, providing extra comfort and support during sleep. After the pressure is removed, the foam returns to its original shape.

2. Benefits of a memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses are great for people who suffer from back pains or pressure-related aches. This is because the moulding allows your body weight to be more evenly distributed, avoiding excess pressure on certain areas.

Dust mites just aren’t attracted to memory foam like they are to normal mattresses, so memory foam is a fantastic solution for allergy sufferers.

What material is used in a memory foam mattress?

Memory foam was originally designed by NASA but was then taken on by bedding companies who saw its potential to produce mattresses.

The mattress is topped with visco-elastic material, which is temperature sensitive, helping to keep your temperature regulated so that you don’t get too hot or too cold during the night.

What is the difference between reflex foam and memory foam?

  • Memory foam – Memory foam is more expensive due to its complex structure; it’s made from tiny holes that are slowly compressed to mould to your body.
  • Reflex foam – Reflex foam is very similar to memory foam but it’s a cheaper alternative. This foam is also made with tiny holes, but the holes in reflex foam spring back much quicker than memory foam.

Some mattresses use reflex foam with a layer of memory foam on top, and other higher end ones are memory foam throughout with springs within them too.

Can you get memory foam pillows?

Memory foam pillows are great for those who sleep on their side as they provide extra support for your head and shoulders and help to ensure your spine is perfectly aligned as you sleep. They’re also great for people with allergies.

3. Which size memory foam mattress will I need?

Like a conventional mattress, memory foam mattresses come in standard bed sizes. This investment in a new mattress could be a good opportunity to upgrade to a bigger size bed frame.

The memory foam needs to sit on a solid base, so take a look at our Bed Frames Buying Guide for expert advice.

4. How do you get a mattress upstairs?

Another benefit of memory foam is that it is easily compressed. If you order a memory foam mattress it will usually be delivered vacuum packed and rolled up making it easy to manoeuvre. This packing process makes it important to leave the mattress to return to its original shape for the stated time before use.

5. How to care for a memory foam mattress?

Now you’ve discovered the secret to a good night’s sleep you want to preserve that. Make sure you look after the memory foam by using bedding protectors. These anti-allergy bags for pillows and the mattress will keep the bed fresh and clean, as you remove them and machine wash them.Instead of flipping it, a memory foam mattress simply requires rotation every couple of months to maintain its lifespan. And when it arrives, remove the packaging and leave it to rest on a solid surface for 4-6 hours before you begin using it.

6. Memory foam mattress safety advice

Although a memory foam mattress is usually beneficial to those suffering from back pains, make sure that you consult a doctor if the pain is severe or ongoing.

If you suffer from allergies make sure you regularly wash the mattress covers regularly to ensure that you continue to benefit from the mattresses hypoallergenic quality.

If you plan on using an electric blanket alongside the mattress this may affect the mattresses ability to mould to your body. This is because the mattress uses your body temperature to shape itself around you. Check the manufacturers recommendations before using the two together. Some manufacturers warn that the heat can actually damage the memory foam over time.

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