Mattress Guide for Children

Growing children need to sleep on a good quality mattress in order to provide support for the spine – not to mention to ensure a good night’s sleep!

Single wood bed frame


Image shows Americana children’s bed frame

Here’s how to get the right mattress for your children:


Take your child with you when you are choosing the new mattress and bed for their room. Some children are automatically drawn to bunk beds whilst others will feel more mature with their first adult looking, single bed.


You will want to ensure that the mattress you choose for your child is sturdy and able to withstand several years of use. The mattress needs to be firm as well as comfortable and if your child suffers from allergies, the filling also needs to be taken into account.

Memory foam is ideal for a comfortable night’s sleep as research suggests that the surface it provides will adapt to the spine, helping to keep it straight and improving the sleeper’s posture.

Hi Lo Sleeper

Image shows Hi Lo High Sleeper Children’s Bunk Bed

However, there are plenty of other options to consider. An innerspring open coil is the standard choice for many parents, though the pocket coil is said to be more durable.

Whatever your personal preferences, you should get your children to test different mattresses themselves and choose the one which feels best for them. After all, they are the ones who will be sleeping on it night after night!


It’s a great idea to invest in a mattress protector to prolong the life of your mattress. You should try to get a cover that is labelled as hypoallergenic as this will protect your child against any germs transmitted by invisible mites, protecting them as well as your investment. Remember to wash mattress protectors regularly though to keep them clean and fresh.

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