Leather Beds Buying Guide

Add a little opulence and luxury to your bedroom with a stylish leather bed. Discover the benefits of this type of bed and learn how to take care of it once you get it home. Find out all you need to know before buying one with our handy buying guide, covering the following topics:

1. Benefits of a leather bed

2. Choosing the right size leather bed

3. Delivery & assembly

4. How to care for a leather bed

5. Safety advice

1. What are the benefits of leather beds

The appearance of a leather bed is one of the main draws; they come in a range of colours to suit your décor. Leather beds are extremely elegant and luxurious when paired with the right mattress.

The surface of leather or faux leather is easily cleaned as it can be wiped down with a damp cloth. The frames are durable and last well due to their classic designs.

Faux leather TV bed

Will a leather bed suit my bedroom décor?

Leather beds vary in looks depending on the colour and style you go for. They tend to be fairly minimalistic making them best suited to a modern bedroom.

However, for a more traditional or classic décor a traditional sleigh style bed shape will make the leather frame fit with the overall style.

Are leather bed frames real leather or faux leather?

Some beds are real leather and some are faux leather. All of our leather beds are made out of faux leather.

This makes them more affordable than real leather but they still have the same look and feel of expensive real leather, allowing you to enjoy the luxurious and elegant feeling of sleeping in a leather bed, without the hefty price tag.

How durable is a leather bed?

Faux leather is easier to clean than leather, as it can be wiped down with a damp cloth. However, the surface can be punctured and scratched so it’s important to take care with sharp objects and shoes on the bed.

Faux leather is resistant to cracking or fading in the sunlight, making it a hardwearing alternative to real leather. The frames are made from solid wood or metal, making them sturdy and strong.

2. Which size leather bed do you need?

Firstly think about the space that you have and what size bed you can fit into the room. Measure the room and allow space either side for furniture like bedside tables.

It’s important to make sure you have enough room to walk around the bed easily, so try marking the size of the bed on your floor with tape so that you can see exactly how and where it will fit. For more tips on how to make sure you buy the correct size, check out our handy Bed Sizes Buying Guide.

3. Delivery & assembly

When you buy a leather bed from Carpetright, we will deliver it flat-packed to your home at a time to suit you. We can also place your new bed in the bedroom, ready for you to put together without having to wrestle it up the stairs.

How do you assemble a leather bed?

Leather beds are easy to assemble. Once it’s in the right room, check all parts are present and undamaged and that you have all the tools you will need. Assemble on a clean flat surface to prevent scratching and follow the instructions included.

Make sure you tighten every part securely and check its stability before use.

4. How do you care for a leather bed?

It is recommended that you use approved leather-cleaning products when cleaning the upholstered panels as other chemical based cleaners could damage the faux leather fabric leaving it dull or streaky.

For light cleaning simply dust, then wipe away heavier dirt and dust with a damp cloth and dry with a clean cloth afterwards.

How do you prevent a leather bed from being scratched?

Try to keep pets away from your leather bed as they may sink their claws in and scratch or rip the fabric.

Be aware of sharp metal parts on clothes and shoes and try to keep these off the bed as much as possible. When moving the bed, protect the leather panels with cloths to prevent damage if knocked or scraped against walls, furniture and other surfaces.

5. Leather beds safety advice

Do not jump on the bed as this can also cause the frame bend or break. Although strong, bed frames are designed to hold the pressure of a person’s weight distributed evenly and jumping concentrates too much force in one place.

When assembling the frame follow all directions carefully, ensuring all screws are tight and the bed is stable. You may need to re-tighten screws from time to time if they become loose so make sure you check your bed regularly.

Never drag the bed as this may cause misalignment to the bed and make it unsafe. Instead remove the mattress and lift the frame to the desired location.

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