Why not give your bedroom a style update with a new headboard? With a huge range of headboards in a variety of colours, materials and styles, it can be difficult to choose, so use this handy guide to help you make your final decision with information including:

1. Different types of headboards

2. Find out which headboard is best for you

3. Headboard sizes

4. Delivery & assembly

5. How to care for a headboard

6. Safety advice

1. What types of headboards are there?

Metal headboards

Make a style statement in your bedroom with a metal headboard. From classic to contemporary styles, metal headboards can mimic traditional iron bedsteads or bring a look of cool, contemporary chic to your bedroom.

Camille metal headboard

Upholstered padded headboards

Padded headboards are available in a wide range of patterns and colours. Although upholstered headboards are unlikely to undergo wear and tear to the same extent as other items of furniture, it’s important to consider quality materials, comfort and depth of design when purchasing a product in your price range.

fabric upholstered headboard

Leather padded headboards

Bring luxury to your bedroom with a faux leather headboard. From chocolate brown to charcoal, leather headboards are available in a range of colours and padded designs. From traditional buttoned boards to contemporary creations, add a stylish centrepiece to your dream interior design scheme.

leather headboard

Wooden headboards

Wooden headboards bring a touch of traditional charm to any bedroom. Available in a range of designs and finishes, opt for either classic or contemporary creations. From country-cottage appeal to sleek, modern style, you can bring a feeling of natural warmth to your bedroom with a wooden headboard.

2. What kind of headboard should I get?

Your choice of headboard will depend on personal preference. Consider your lifestyle when choosing a headboard, because if you sit up in bed, reading or watching television for example, then a padded headboard may be a much better choice for you than a metal headboard.

What kind of fabric is used for upholstered headboards?

Upholstered headboards are available in a range of fabrics; from soft, smooth chenille headboards to faux suede or leather. They can create a striking and stylish centrepiece if covered in bold coloured or patterned fabric.

Do headboards fit all beds?

Most headboards are made to fit a specific size of bed. However, some headboards, such as selected wall-mounted varieties can be fitted to a range of different beds.

Knowing the dimensions of your bed can be a huge help when buying a headboard. It’s also worth considering the height of the headboard to make sure you will be able to lean back against it comfortably when sat in bed.

Do headboards attach to metal frames?

Most headboards are available with hardware that attaches to standard bed frames. Some frames will fit into the grooves of the headboard whereas others will require attaching. Most metal frames typically have holes that can be used to attach a headboard. The frame and headboard need to be aligned and securely bolted together.

3. What are standard headboard sizes?

Standard headboard sizes are generally designed to match the sizes of the most popular beds so they can be used together.

  • Single: W90 x L190 (cm)
  • Small Double: W120 x L190 (cm)
  • Double: W135 x L190 (cm)
  • King Size: W150 x L200 (cm)
  • Super King Size: W180 x L200 (cm)

If you’re buying a new bed and want to work out which size would look best in your bedroom, take a look at our useful Bed Sizes Buying Guide for some tips and advice.

4. Delivery & assembly

Buy a new headboard from Carpetright and we will deliver it at a time to suit you. We’ll even take it to the bedroom for you so that you don’t have the tricky job of maneuvering the headboard through your home.

How do you install a headboard?

Headboards are attached directly to your bed frame or mounted on the wall. Many manufacturers include struts with their products to allow the board to be fitted directly into the back of a standard size bed.

The appropriate sized headboard can be securely attached to your bed and help to hold the pillows and bed sheets in place, whereas wall-mounted headboards are attached to the wall and don’t need to match the size of the bed.

5. How do you care for a headboard?

Upholstered headboards are the style most likely to need a little maintenance. Dark colours or prints will better disguise marks and using pillows will help to prevent hair oils from staining the upholstery.

Spot clean any stains with an appropriate detergent, cool water and a clean cloth. Regular vacuuming with a brush attachment will also help to maintain the look of the material.

A simple wipe with a cloth should be sufficient to maintain other materials such as metal or wood.

6. Safety Advice

Are there allergy free headboards?

Regular vacuuming of upholstered headboards can help to reduce the risk to allergy sufferers.

However, it might best to buy a metal or wooden headboard rather than a padded one because they don’t trap dust and allergens. A simple wipe with a damp cloth is usually enough keep these kinds of headboards dust-free.

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