Find out everything you need to know about divan beds before you decide to buy. Pick up some smart tips here in our buyer’s guide where we cover the following topics:

1. Types of divan beds

2. Choosing the right type of divan for you

3. Standard divan bed sizes

4. How to put a divan bed together

5. Delivery & assembly

6. How to look after a divan bed

7. Divan bed safety advice

1. What are the different types of divan beds?

Single divan beds

Single divan beds are very popular beds for guest rooms and also as children’s beds. The integrated storage offers a great, practical solution whether to store extra bedding or for kids’ toys. Many single divans include drawer options.

iFusion 800 single divan

Double divan beds

Need enough space for two or maybe you just need more room to stretch out? Double divan beds offer excellent comfort, support and some even include extra storage space. Many double divans include drawer options.

Grandeur Divan 2 drawers open (2)

Adjustable divan bed

Ideal for people who suffer from insomnia or back pain, adjustable beds support different parts of the body such as the back and neck. Built with a metal frame and using a motor, a user can control the upper and lower portions of the bed. In a divan, the base is the foundation, while the platform part is the adjustable frame.

ottoman bed storage

Ottoman bed

An ottoman bed is essentially a divan bed which utilises the majority of its interior space for storage. Access to the storage space is through a hinged platform; the entire mattress lifts up and is supported by a hydraulic system to assist a user in the process of lifting and raising the platform.

Ottoman Contour Mirapocket_mini

2. What kind of divan bed should I buy?

Not sure which divan to get or got a few questions about the different options available? Find out more about the different features of divan beds here.

What is a sprung edge divan bed?

The top of the divan has an extra layer of built-in sprung padding that sits below the mattress to give extra support and a softer feel. It has no hard edges and is considered the most luxurious of divan bases, but if you prefer something firmer go for a ‘platform top’ divan.

What is a platform top divan bed?

This kind of divan has a firm top to it without springs. It’s upholstered with a layer of padding on the top and is a popular choice of divan.

What is a firm edge divan bed?

A flexible slatted divan uses laminated wood in a frame to create springiness from the wood’s bowed shape. The tension of the slats can be adjusted to suit different people’s needs, making it ideal for people with sleep problems.

Do all divan beds come in two parts?

Because divan beds have a box base, they come in two sections which are fastened together when installed. Being in two sections means that divans are easier to deliver and manoeuvre around a house.

What is a zip together / link bed?

These sorts of divan beds are flexible kind and can be separated as single beds or pulled together to make a double bed. Ideal if you suddenly have guests to stay and you have one room for 2 who require different beds.

What kind of mattresses come with a platform bed?

To achieve the right sort of comfort you want at night, it is essential that you choose the right mattress.

There are a variety of mattresses available, including the memory foam mattress which is firm and moulds itself to your body shape, as well as options such as pocket spring or a variation of both with mattress toppers.

When choosing a mattress for your divan remember to pick one that both fits and suits the divan bed as well as your own needs.

Do divan beds come with headboards?

Most divan beds from Carpetright do not include a headboard, so they should be bought separately. Try to choose something that complements the design of your room and also the divan bed itself in terms of size and upholstery when buying a new headboard.

Do divan beds have castors?

Many divans to come with castors on each corner of the divan box frame, however some do not have castors and have feet instead – so if this is a requirement please check product details for more information.

3. What are standard divan sizes?

Typical UK divan beds tend to be all the same length – 190cm or 6ft 3”. King and Super king divan bed sizes are slightly longer at 200 cm or 6ft 6” which are useful for people who are tall. See below for most common sizes:

  • Small single divan: 75 x 190cm (2ft 6″ x 6ft 3″)
  • Single to fit divan: 90 x 190cm (2ft 6”x 6ft 3”)
  • Small double divan: 120cms x 190cms (4ft x 6ft 3″)
  • Standard double divan: 135 x 190cm (4ft 6″ x 6ft 3″)
  • King size divan:150 x 200cm (5ft x 6ft 6″)
  • Super king size divan: 180cm x 200cm (6ft x 6ft 6″)

For help choosing the right size mattress to go with your divan base, take a look at our Mattress Buying Guide.

What is the average height of a divan bed?

Most divan beds are built to a height of between 15″ – 16″ with castors. This may vary between manufacturers.

How many drawers are there in a divan base?

When shopping for a divan bed, consider how much extra storage you’d like to have.

  • 2 drawers- single beds have drawers on the same side or at the foot end.
  • 4 drawers – tend to be available on small double and larger beds.
  • End drawer only – either slide drawer or pull-out.
  • Single slide storage – great for accessing storage in tight spaces.

4. How do you put a divan bed together?

Divan bases usually come in two sections and should be fastened together. There are several fixing methods:

  • U clips: This method uses two or more U-shaped clips which clamp onto the underside edges of the two divan halves and hold them together.
  • Bolts: The split divan is bolted together with two or more bolts holding the bottom edges of the frames together.
  • Hooks: Each divan base contains two plastic fixings similar to hooks, which then slot together providing a solid fix.
  • Link bars: This is the most popular method to connect split divans and uses a metal fixing which straps them together with four bolts.
  • Hinges and pegs: This system uses a hinge that folds over to fit onto the other half then uses a bolt to hold it together. Often found on high-end beds.

5. Bed delivery & assembly

When you arrange the delivery of your bed Carpetright will unpack and assemble the bed in the room of your choice and we will also tidy up and dispose of any packaging.

6. How to take care of a divan bed

Divan beds are sturdy and their lifespan is often longer than the life of a mattress. To evaluate a divan’s condition, first check the surface of a divan to ensure there are no dips. Also check for wear and tear on the upholstery. If it is overly worn or the structure is weak – it may be time to think about a replacement.

7. Divan bed safety advice

Take precautions when lifting divan beds not to strain your muscles, and be aware of the surrounding space when moving them from one room to another. You may wish to cover or protect the upholstery with plastic or sheeting while you are moving the bed.

Which divan bed is best for allergies?

If you have allergies then it is best to choose a bed and mattress that which protects you from allergens such as dust mites and dirt that can hide in soft surfaces and fabrics. At Carpetright we have a range of hypoallergenic divan beds or mattresses available made of materials which also control sleeping temperature. Remember to read product details carefully.

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