Your bed frame supports you and your mattress night after night, so make sure you buy one that can give you all the comfort and support you need with our handy buying guide.

Having a great sleep is vital to our everyday life and buying the right bed can make all the difference. Choosing the right frame can make a huge difference aesthetically too.

1. What are the different types of bed frames?

2. How to choose the right bed frame

3. Choosing the right size bed frame

4. Delivery & assembly

5. How to care for a leather bed frame

6. Leather bed frame safety advice

1. What are the different types of bed frames?

Faux leather bed frame

A bed with a solid base upholstered in a faux leather fabric. These are comfortable and stylish with a padded headboard.

Faux leather TV bed frame

Metal bed frame

Metal bed frames are strong and durable and come in all shapes and sizes. With a range of colours and styles, these suit most bedrooms.

Rosette metal bed frame

Fabric bed frame

A fabric frame is one that has been upholstered in material. These are soft and comfortable, suitable for a modern décor.

Wooden bed frame

Solid wood bed frames are strong and natural in appearance, available in numerous colours. The natural wood grain gives these beds a unique and traditional character.

Americana wooden bed frame

2. How do you choose the right bed frame?

The space you have available is one of the first considerations when buying a bed frame. The bed is more than just the place you’ll be sleeping; it can be used to save space and is often the focal point of the room.

What size bed frames are available?

Bed frames come in every size, from single through to king size bed frames. Some metal bed frames are adjustable, making them easy to move and less expensive. Make sure you buy the right bed frame size for your mattress.

3. Which size bed frame do you need?

Firstly think about the space that you have and what size bed you can fit into the room. Then measure the room and allow space either side for furniture like bedside tables.

How can you match your interior design to your bed frame?

Think about how you’ll match your décor to the bed frame you choose. If you want a contemporary feeling room a metal frame will complement this well, whereas if you want a traditional and homely feel then a wooden frame would be more suitable. To create an elegant and grown-up space, think about a faux leather or fabric bed frame.

What is a slatted bed frame?

Most traditional bed frames are slatted; this means they have a solid frame around the edge and a series of horizontal slats for the mattress to rest on. Slatted beds can add extra spring to the bed and are usually made from solid pine, timber or sprung slats.

What is the difference between a divan bed and a bed frame?

Usually a bed frame has legs and an empty space underneath, however divan beds are designed to be space saving and so often have storage space underneath.

They look like solid blocks but often have drawers hidden inside them. Divan beds don’t have sprung slats, instead the mattress sits flat on the sturdy divan base.

4. Delivery & assembly

Putting up a divan bed takes around 5-10 minutes, while a normal bed frame will take more like 15-40 minutes. It may even take up to 2 hours to construct more complicated high sleepers and children’s beds.

It’s recommended that 2 or more people assemble the bed and that you check for damaged or missing parts before you begin.

5. How do you protect a leather bed frame from being scratched?

Your new leather bed will look elegant and stylish so to preserve that you’ll need to protect it from scratches.

Try to be aware of metal parts on your clothing or shoes that could scratch the material and remove these before getting on the bed.Try to keep pets away too as their claws can scratch the leather badly.

6. Leather bed frame safety advice

Follow the instructions carefully and ensure all screws and parts and tightened properly. With cabin beds and bunk beds make sure the ladder is securely fastened and there are no loose parts.

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