A good night’s sleep is one of life’s essentials, so it’s incredibly important to choose a comfortable and supportive bed. Take a look at our guide to find out everything you need to know about buying beds, including:

1. Different parts of a bed

2. Buying the right bed

3. Bed sizes

4. Bed assembly

5. How to clean a bed

6. Safety advice

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1. What are the different parts of a bed?


A divan bed consists of a base and a mattress but does not include a headboard. Some divan beds can be lifted upwards and have storage inside.

Bed Frames

There are all sorts of bed frames available made from a variety of materials including wood, metal and composite. Some bed frames come with a mattress and some don’t so when you make a purchase ensure you’ve included a mattress too!


There are several different types of mattress to choose from including pocket sprung, memory foam, continuous coil, open coil and foam or latex. Different mattresses have different qualities and comfort ratings and can have various benefits and drawbacks.


Headboards can add the finishing touches to a bed, enhance décor, protect your walls and make a bed more comfortable to use. There are a wide variety of headboards to choose from including wooden, metal and padded headboards.

Children’s beds

Bed time can often be stressful for parents and kids but the right bed can make getting to sleep an easier and more fun experience for everyone involved. A novelty bed will give your little one somewhere really special to sleep.

2. How do you choose the right bed?

Not sure which bed is right for your needs? Then take a look at the information below to find out what you need to know.

What is a divan?

A divan consists of a bed base, normally constructed with wood and covered in material, which sits directly on the floor or has feet castors to protect your floor. This is combined with a mattress to complete the bed. Divans are usually good value to buy and most divans which measure 3ft or more are split in two so they can be moved around and easily installed in a room.

When do you need a headboard?

If the bed you choose doesn’t come with a headboard you can still fit one. Although they’re not essential a headboard can make your bed easier to use and will protect your walls from getting dirty or damaged. When it comes to choosing headboards there is an endless array of designs so you can pick one that blends perfectly with your rooms’ décor.

What are the different types of bed frames?

There are several types of bed frame to choose from including a sprung top frame whereby the mattress sits on a layer of springs, a solid top base and a slatted base. Bed frames can be adjustable and can usually be assembled and disassembled in the home. Some bed frames can be lifted up and storage can be placed inside whilst others have drawers that can be accessed underneath the bed.

Do beds come with mattresses?

Not all bed frames come with mattresses but if you choose a divan it will come with its own mattress. When choosing a bed frame find out whether it also includes a mattress and if not, make sure you know which type of mattress will work with your frame.

What type of bed should a child have?

If your child is moving from a cot to a bed then you could choose a bed which allows room for your child to grow in it. Whatever you pick it’s essential to opt for the best quality bed you can afford so it will be comfortable and supportive when your child is sleeping. Memory foam is a popular choice but make sure you pick a breathable option as a memory foam mattress can make it more difficult for children to control their temperature.

3. What sizes do beds come in?

Bed sizes include small and standard singles, which are ideal for children or guest rooms. A small or standard double will fit easily into an average sized bedroom or if you have lots of space you can opt for a king size or super king size bed. Always measure your space carefully before you choose a bed to make sure it will fit.

The size of bed you choose will depend on who will be using the bed and how much space you have. Two average sized people can sleep comfortably in a standard double but if you have more space you can opt for a more luxurious king sized or super king sized bed.

4. What is the best way to put a bed together?

With our guide to putting your bed together there’ll be no more tears and tantrums over the instruction leaflets!

How do you put a divan bed together?

Divans normally come in two halves and are then clipp together with metal clasps. These are generally quite a tight fit and need to be locked into place with a rubber hammer. Some divans will also use fixing plates which are screwed onto the side of the base.

How do you put a bed frame together?

How you put a bed frame together will depend on the type of bed you have but in most cases you’ll need hand tools such as a screwdriver, spanner and hammer, plus all the screws and other fixings that go with the bed.

Before you begin, read the instructions carefully and ensure you have everything you need.

5. How do you clean a bed?

It’s a good idea to wash your bedding at least once a week. To keep your mattress as clean and dust free as possible, turn it regularly and vacuum it with a powerful hoover around once a month. You can wash most pillows and duvets in an ordinary washing machine but if your machine is too small, you can take them along to a launderette instead.

6. Safety Advice

Moving to a big bed is an important transition and most kids will let you know when they’re ready for the change. If you’ve chosen a novelty bed such as a car or princess bed, then look for any sharp edges of protruding objects which could be dangerous.

Provided they’re old enough then it’s very unlikely your child will fall out of bed, but if you’re installing bunk beds make sure there’s a strong ladder to reach the top bunk and an adequate guard to stop your child from falling out of bed if they roll over during the night.

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