When I place an order what happens next?

Once an order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email of your order, detailing the product ordered and confirming delivery details. If you make any changes to your order we will confirm in an email, and you will also be emailed once your order is being dispatched.

Is your web site secure?

Yes. Our website is protected by protected by EV SSL (Extended Validation Secure Sockets Layer) technology provided by VeriSign, and our checkout has been rigorously vetted. All data collected by us is encrypted and stored on a secure server. All transactions are subject to real time cardholder authentication with the card issuing bank, using 3D Secure technology provided by Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. This password protected identity check prevents your credit / debit card details from fraud. So you can shop with confidence at Carpetright.

How long is the guarantee?

Our divan sets and mattresses are guaranteed for 5 years and our bed frames for 12 months.

Can I choose which side to have drawers on my single bed?

Yes, the headboard bolt receivers are at either end of the bed so you can have your drawers on the alternative side.

I have allergies, are your mattresses hypo-allergenic?

Yes. Memory foam is anti-allergenic and Carpetright mattresses containing our classic fillings generate less dust.

I have a European size bed frame. Do you supply mattresses to fit it?

Yes. Just take a look for that size within the size options.

Will you take away our old bed?

We can recycle your old bed for you and take it away when we deliver your new bed. Simply select this as an option when completing your order (on the delivery options section).

Will all of my goods be delivered together?

In most cases where a frame and a mattress or divan & headboard are ordered they will come together. Any pillows, toppers & other bedding will be delivered securely by courier or post.

Will you dispose of the packaging and wrapping?

Yes, absolutely. We know you don’t want to be bothered by all the cardboard and plastic leftovers so unlike most of our competitors, our delivery specialists will unwrap and assemble divan beds and take away the packaging for recycling.

Will you assemble my bed?

Yes. Again, unlike most of our competitors, our delivery specialists will unwrap and assemble divan beds. Bed frames bought as self-assembly items are designed to be easily assembled and are delivered to your room of choice with simple-to-follow instructions.

Will you take my bed to the room of my choice?

Yes if its a standard delivery Item, we will deliver your bed to its destination, even if that’s upstairs, is all part of the Carpetright service.

Will you deliver at the weekend?

Yes. We deliver our divan sets and frames to you 7 days a week.

Do you offer a room clearance service?

No. When we book fittings with the independent fitters who carry out the work, we do so on the understanding that the rooms will be clear and the fitters will be able to start work as soon as they arrive. This enables us to schedule more fittings in a day and therefore to serve more customers. It also enables us to offer competitive quotations on behalf of the fitters based simply on the amount of flooring to be laid. When a fitter finds a room has not been cleared, this can cause considerable delays and can result in problems for other customers. The fitters to whom we refer fitting jobs are not insured for the moving of furniture and it is not usually possible for us to offer this service.

Why is my carpet not exactly the same colour as my sample?

Your carpet was specially ordered for you and is likely to be from a different production batch to the one the sample was taken from. Slight variations between batches are normal and must therefore be expected. We regularly check carpets against the samples to ensure that each batch is a satisfactory match and within the legal tolerance. As well as batch variations, differences may be due to different lighting or the effect of the surrounding d’cor in your home, or it may simply be the effect that is common to all carpets which makes them look slightly different according to the angle from which they are viewed.

Why have I been charged a cancellation fee?

All carpet and vinyl orders are cut to your specific requirements. If you order has already been cut, even if not dispatched, we need to recover our costs for the cutting. We will of course endeavour to sell the cut piece through one of our stores, but this would be at a greatly reduced price, as it is no longer made to measure. All cancellations are discretionary and there may be times when a cancellation is not possible.

Why has my carpet not been delivered yet?

We aim to supply all our carpets and vinyls in 2-3 weeks, but we are not able to guarantee that any product in our range can be delivered within this time. A high volume of orders or a shortage at the manufacturer can extend this time and, whilst we work with our suppliers to forecast demand and prevent delays, we are not always able to avoid this occurring. We also do our utmost to resolve problems when delays do happen.

Why is my replacement carpet/vinyl taking so long?

The length of time it takes to get a carpet/vinyl to our store is governed by whether there is stock available, cutting the length from the roll and transporting it to the store. We aim to keep stock of all our ranges either in our central warehouse or at the manufacturer but from time to time some colours or ranges run out due to high demand or supply problems. Once in stock our computerised cutting system ensures that the cutting is scheduled immediately and the carpet/vinyl is despatched within 48 hours. We use a specialised carrier who can handle our products and the carriage can take between three and five working days.
We will do our utmost to ensure that the replacement carpet/vinyl is delivered as quickly as possible, but we would ask you to bear with our suppliers, carriers and us until the carpet/vinyl is received by the store

Why do you charge for delivery on some items and not on others?

We only make a delivery charge whenever a purchase needs to be delivered to a store and subsequently delivered to a customer’s house. We show this charge either on your sales order form (in store) or in your trolley (on line). Depending on the circumstances this charge may be collected as part of the price of the order or it may be payable to the delivery driver. Other items will be delivered directly from our supplier to your home which does not require any third party delivery drivers and therefore no additional cost to you.

Why did my fitter not show up?

We make every effort to ensure that fitters keep to their schedules and arrive on time, but scheduling fitting is not a straightforward matter for a number of reasons. The length of time any fitting job will take cannot be guaranteed and where there are a number of jobs in a day a fitter can sometimes be delayed several times. We offer appointments in good faith and we regret any delays which occur. In the unfortunate event that the fitter will be unable to complete your fitting on the required day we will let you know at the earliest opportunity and arrange an alternate day at your convenience.

I believe your fitter has caused damage to my property. What can I do?

We are sorry to note that you believe that the fitter caused damage while he was working. All our fitters are covered by public liability insurance and therefore you should address any claim directly to the fitter concerned. Please contact the store who arranged your fitting and we will send you the necessary contact and insurance details.

Why has my carpet got flat patches?

Flattening occurs in the areas which receive the heaviest use. This is perfectly normal and we are pleased to say that your carpet is not faulty. Carpets will always flatten after use and this will show where the carpet gets used more in some areas than in others. Flattening is not wear and is not a defect.

You can see footprints on my carpet, is it faulty?

Footprints and compression marks will show where the pile has been disturbed.

The reason why your carpet shows these marks is firstly because the extra-long, luxurious pile will inevitably bend during use and secondly because the sides of the pile appear to be a much lighter colour than when it is viewed end-on. The random disturbance of the pile during use will give corresponding light and dark patches depending on the angle of the pile in relation to where you are standing. This characteristic is an inherent feature of this type of carpet.

I have been told my flooring is not available and asked to reselect why?

Occasionally products are discontinued either by the manufacturer or by us due to stock availability issues. As a result, some orders have to be reselected due to our ability to obtain the required stock. We would be pleased to obtain an alternative product of your choice from our current ranges and to the same value. If you would like to visit the store again, or browse on line, to make an alternative choice we can ensure this is processed as soon as possible. As an alternative we would be prepared to issue you with a full refund for the money you have paid.
We take great care to ensure that our range is fully up to date and that there is stock of all our products available either at our central warehouse or at the manufacturers. We are very sorry that in this instance you had placed your order before we received notice that there was no further stock and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

I believe my carpet is faulty but Carpetright do not agree. What next?

If you have reported an issue to us and we do not believe your product is faulty, you may arrange for an inspection by an independent carpet expert. We are confident that this will show that we are not being unreasonable, but in the unlikely event that the inspector identifies problems which we may have overlooked we would be happy to consider his or her findings.

Why is my carpet molting?

The pile yarn of your carpet is made from short lengths of fibre which are spun together to form the rope-like yarn. Whenever this is cut some of the ends of these fibres will be too short to be held in the yarn and over time these will come loose and be picked up during vacuuming. Although the volume of these loose fibres may seem alarming they are only a small fraction of the total fibre weight of the carpet pile.
We recommend the use of an upright vacuum cleaner with beater bars for all cut pile carpets as these agitate the pile and allow the loose fibre to be removed more quickly than with a suction-only type cleaner. You cannot over-vacuum a carpet, and in fact the shedding will appear worse and for longer if an inefficient or suction-only cleaner is used.

Why is my carpet creased?

Your carpet was cut, rolled around a cardboard tube and wrapped on an automated system at our central warehouse and then transported along with the thousands of orders we process each day by our specialist carpet carrier. Whilst they have the equipment and systems to ensure that the carpets reach our stores in good condition, it can sometimes happen that the weight of the carpet that is wrapped around the tube can cause a temporary crease at the overlap point. It is not uncommon that textiles are creased because of packaging and transport, for example, a pair of ready-made curtains may need to be hung for several days before the packaging creases ‘drop out’. Carpets are a heavier textile and a crease or ‘pole mark’ as it is called, may take several weeks to disappear.
The use of your carpet is not affected and walking on and vacuuming the crease will in fact help it to disappear more quickly.

My chosen flooring is cheaper now than when I placed my order, why can’t I have a refund?

Our promotions change frequently but at any time we give customers a guarantee that they will not find the same perfect carpet on sale at another retailer for a lower price, and this guarantee lasts for 28 days. We cannot extend this promise to include any further discounts applied in our own stores during the same period, just as we would not expect customers to pay extra on outstanding orders when we have to increase a carpet’s price. We would point out that even our stores do not know about forthcoming promotions until shortly before they come into effect.

Why does my refund take so long?

Like any large company we have to have controls to ensure that things are done properly. These controls include limits on the authorisation of staff able to refund money to a customer’s credit/debit card. Don’t forget this is for your safety and security and whilst it may be frustrating is in your best interests.

Why won’t the store let me take a sample home?

Because we offer a range of about 4500 floor coverings in nearly 350 branches, the cost and space necessary to have samples available to borrow makes it impractical for us to offer a sample loan service. As you will appreciate, if a sample is missing from display we cannot sell from it and therefore we might lose sales if we loaned the samples from the store. We can, however, bring a sample to your home when our estimator calls to measure for your carpets so that you can check the colour and style in its intended surroundings. Alternatively if the range is available through our website you can order a sample through the site which will be posted to you.

Why does my carpet appear to have shaded areas?

The sides of the tufts of your carpet appear a lighter, more silvery shade than when they are viewed end-on. As the pile settles lighter and darker patches will develop where the pile angle varies according to the amount of use each area of the carpet is receiving. It is quite common for the pile to settle in a different direction to the normal pile lay if the foot traffic bends it this way and this can make the contrast very noticeable (sometimes making the patches appear to have distinct borders). This is why the shading is sometimes referred to as ‘pile reversal’, but this term is only used to describe what has happened and does not indicate that the carpet is faulty. The angle of the pile has no effect on the durability of the carpet and we are confident it will continue to give you many years of satisfactory service.

I already have underlay, why should I buy new underlay?

We strongly recommend the purchase of new underlay with any new carpet because it will give the best comfort and performance, and will also prolong the carpet’s life. Reusing existing underlay will cause the carpet to flatten more quickly in the areas of heaviest wear because the underlay will be less resilient in these areas, and these are the places where the carpet needs the most support.