Why is my carpet creased?

Your carpet was cut, rolled around a cardboard tube and wrapped on an automated system at our central warehouse and then transported along with the thousands of orders we process each day by our specialist carpet carrier. Whilst they have the equipment and systems to ensure that the carpets reach our stores in good condition, it can sometimes happen that the weight of the carpet that is wrapped around the tube can cause a temporary crease at the overlap point. It is not uncommon that textiles are creased because of packaging and transport, for example, a pair of ready-made curtains may need to be hung for several days before the packaging creases ‘drop out’. Carpets are a heavier textile and a crease or ‘pole mark’ as it is called, may take several weeks to disappear.
The use of your carpet is not affected and walking on and vacuuming the crease will in fact help it to disappear more quickly.