How to keep carpets clean in a home with pets

Do you have pets? Then you know that pets can on occasion cause unwanted stains on carpets. Some pets moult more than others and leave their hairs on surfaces including carpets, sofas and beds. Naughty things…
Well if your house is home to a pet or two then you will be used to cleaning and vacuuming floors regularly to stop the build-up of unruly dog and cat hairs from causing problems.
To help you efficiently clean up after your animal friends, we have put together a few tips you may not have tried yet to help you keep your carpets clean.
Twist paprika red carpet
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One way in which you can keep pet damage down to a minimum is to ensure that you always groom your dog after it has been outside. Cats should also be regularly brushed in order to minimise hairballs.


Some carpets are better at hiding animal hair than others so make your choice wisely. Light shades are usually best avoided if you have a dark haired pet – and vice versa,  and let’s not forget the danger of muddy paw-prints on light-coloured carpets in addition to stray hairs.


If your pet has left a stain on the carpet, there are a number of commercial cleaners that you can use to get rid of the stain and the smell. You should look for an enzyme-based solution suitable for your carpet’s fibre type and should test the product on a small patch of your carpet to make sure that the colour isn’t affected. If all is well, apply to the damaged area. Once the solution has worked its magic you can either have your carpet commercially cleaned or rinse with water.
There are also domestic carpet washers which you can buy or hire to tackle small stains, as well as vacuums for pet hair which are specifically designed to pick up animal hairs.


If you have a beautiful new carpet, the last thing you want your guests to see is remnants of cat or dog hairs covering its surface.
Start the cleaning process by vacuuming your carpet. Some modern vacuums have special attachments that are designed specifically for this purpose. If you don’t have this type of cleaner, you can always spray a mop or sponge with water and run this along the carpet surface to pick up hairs instead. However be careful not to over-wet the carpet.
Once this has dried, vacuum the carpet again and you’ll soon discover that all your pet’s hairs have been removed – leaving your carpet looking as good as new.
Fed up with stains? Choose a stain-resistant carpet which makes  removing stains much easier, faster and all without any lasting damage.

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