Cleaning carpets: How to achieve a professional finish

As anyone that’s house proud will know, there’s a big difference between a clean floor and a professionally clean floor.

Having a floor that is completely spotless won’t just make you feel happier about your home; it will also help to enhance other decorative features to make your property look better than you ever imagined and give you an interior to truly be proud of.

So, how can you achieve a professional finish when cleaning your carpets?


If you want your carpet to look great for years to come, it’s important to ensure that it’s laid correctly when you first have it fitted.

This means investing in good quality underlay and having a professional carpet fitter fix it into place.

If you have a brand new carpet, the best way to keep it looking professionally clean is to hoover it everyday. If this isn’t possible, try to treat any stains or spills as soon as they occur and give your entire carpet a deep steam clean every few months.


Cobble loop pile carpet


Image shows Nordic Berber carpet

In general, carpets with larger loops are easier to clean as the dirt can’t penetrate so deeply into the material.

To achieve a professional finish on your loop pile carpet, it’s important to lay it correctly from the start and as with many types of carpet, this means underlay.

By installing an underlay of around 7-8mm before you lay your carpet, you can increase its life expectancy by around 40% and create a luxurious, energy efficient and comfortable surface to walk on.

If anything is spilt on your loop pile carpet, try blotting it with a clean, damp cloth straight away. Then use your hoover or vacuum cleaner to clear up the rest of the mess.


Viceroy twist carpet


Image shows Viceroy twist carpet

Made by twisting yarn tightly together, twist carpets are resilient and hardwearing – making them perfect for busy households with young families.

As stain resistant twist carpets are available, it should be fairly easy to keep your new carpet looking professionally clean. If any spills or stains do occur, remember not to rub too roughly as this can cause the twist to unravel, leaving your carpet looking old and worn.


Linear striped carpet_2


Image shows Linear striped carpet

Patterned carpets can look great in any home, brightening up the interior and adding a real style flourish to the overall design.

Keep your patterned carpets looking like new by installing a layer of thick, 7-8mm underlay underneath. This will help to prevent the carpet from wearing quickly and give you a nice smooth and cushioned surface once the carpet has been laid.

As with loop pile and twisted carpets, try to hoover the surface on a regular basis and always clean up any spills straight away.

Having clean, smooth carpets can lift your home’s interior, making it a nice place to be and giving you the design look you’ve always wanted.

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