The weekend of the 5th & 6th December sees people around the globe celebrating World Tree Dressing Day, a day dedicated to making trees the centre of attention by adorning them with brightly coloured decorations. Tree Dressing Day came about as a way to show the world that we appreciate the trees around us and the role they play in providing clean, breathable air – it’s also a great excuse to get Christmas tree decorating!

Whether you want to mark the day by decorating an outdoor tree, by buying a real fir, or getting the artificial tree down from the loft, we’ve got some handy Christmas tree decorating tips to get you started…

Family decorating a Christmas tree

How to decorate an outside tree

Most people tend to neglect their outdoor trees at Christmas, giving their undivided attention to their beloved indoor Christmas tree – after all it is the focal point of all our festive décor!

But this Christmas, please spare a thought for your garden too, whether a tree, a bush, or a shrub, wrapping your outdoor plants in twinkling fairy lights creates a beautifully magical look and requires very little effort.

trees lit up

Whether you choose white, coloured or multi-coloured lights – static, twinkling or flashing effects, it’s important to always make sure your lights are suitable for outdoor use so that they are safe and strong enough to endure the winter weather.

It’s not all about lights though, durable outdoor ornaments can also be used to add some festive cheer to your home exterior and help to extend the warm, welcoming indoor scene to your outdoor space. If you like, you can get the kids involved making lanterns, snowflakes and other handmade decorations to brighten up your garden

Christmas tree with bauble

Some people like to hang fruit in the branches to give hungry birds a source of food in the harsh winter months, so you can get in the festive spirit by doing a good deed as you decorate.

How to decorate an indoor Christmas tree

If you don’t have a garden or would prefer to focus on your home interior, then we have a few tips to help you get your Christmas tree looking its absolute best and create magical memories that you and your family can treasure forever.

family decorating an indoor christmas tree

1. Set the scene

Get the Christmas songs playing, mull some wine, warm some hot chocolate and maybe indulge in your first mince pie of the year to get the whole family really excited and in the mood to deck the halls of your home.

2. Check the lights

There are few things more annoying than getting the fairy lights perfectly positioned on the tree and then turning them on to find they’re not working. Plug them in, switch them on and lay them out on the floor first so that you can see any broken bulbs and replace them before decorating.

3. Lights, beads, ornaments… and tidying up!

If you stick to this order of events then you can’t go far wrong. Use lights to create the twinkling base of your décor, then drape beads, tinsel or ribbon over the branches, before completing the look with all your favourite Christmas tree ornaments. Once your tree is decorated, the final step is usually to vacuum the carpet or sweep the laminate to clean up any pine needles that may have dropped, along with tidying away your storage boxes, before you can finally sit down and admire your work.

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