Wool you believe it… the latest trend in carpets

It’s Wool Week! And to celebrate, we’ve put together a list of why we love our carpets made from this fibre so much. “Why do I need a wool carpet?” we hear you cry. Well, let us count the ways…

Seven reasons why we love wool carpets 

1: Wool is durable, extremely resilient and is even a renewable resource (bet you didn’t know that!). Wool fibres are also naturally superior to synthetic fibres, which means they will last longer and they’re also pretty resistant to dirt and crushing – so no pesky footprints in your new carpet and no need to worry about furniture or toys leaving imprints – result!

2: Texture is a buzz word in the world of interiors at the moment and carpets are no different. Whereas super-soft Saxony carpets are not always best suited to high traffic areas such as living rooms or stairs, wool carpets, such as our classic Berber collection, available in our stores, are extremely hard-wearing and will look new for years! We especially love our Chevron Wool Carpet

Wool carpets and your home

3: Wool carpets are fireproof. Now, we’re not saying that our customers should start trying to start a fire in their homes, and indeed common safety practices should be applied as usual, but if the worse happens (dropping a match, for example), you can rest assured that the whole house won’t go up in flames. Wool is actually a self-extinguishing material, which is one of the reasons why they are so popular for the home. Little known fact for you… wool is the fibre of choice for casinos and airlines for this very reason. (You learn something new every day!)

4: Spillages. The bane of the homeowner’s life. Who would think that one tiny drop of food or drink could cause such havoc? But if your carpet is made from our favourite natural fibre, then it’s your lucky day! If the spills are attended to straightaway, then your carpet won’t let you down. Stains are a little more tricky, but only if they’re left to be absorbed into the fibres. 


Bonus points 

5: Colours tend to look richer and more vibrant on wool, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to your home! 

6: Cheaper in the long run. Although initially it is more expensive, it is so long lasting that it is seen by many of our customers as a sound investment. 

And last but not least…

7: This must be magic. Wool carpets are warmer in winter, yet cooler in the summer! 

For more information on wool week, visit the Campaign for Wool website.