Wooden flooring, four ways (and more)

wood floors

For as long as there have been houses, there has been wooden floors.  A traditional material to create floors, wood has been used for centuries.  Some of us may be lucky enough to live in a home with original floorboards that are in good enough condition to renovate by sanding down, filling and varnishing. But for others that desire a wooden floor who live in more modern houses, it is necessary to install one.

Laminate floors

Laminate flooring is a fantastic alternative to a real wooden floor and advances in production techniques in recent years have increased its authenticity to the point that it’s very hard to tell the difference between some laminates and the real thing. The designs available go on and on, from dark atmospheric walnut to light whitewashed oak effect, all incredibly realistic, highly practical and easy on the eye.

Engineered wood

Of course, engineered wood flooring is the closest thing to real wood on the market and the look and finish achieved with engineered wood is hard to beat; luxurious, hard-wearing and gorgeous.  Engineered wood is constructed using real wood so obviously the look you get is 100% genuine, the feel underfoot is comfortable and warm and the overall effect is stunning.

Whichever type of flooring you choose, a wood floor will give you timeless styling that is so versatile it really does complement all styles of décor. Is your home contemporary or minimalist?  A wooden floor will look fabulous!  Are you more traditional with your interior styling?  Again, wood floors will set off your home beautifully.  As a design feature wooden floors have stood the test of time and this shows no sign of changing. Walk into any high street store, trendy bar or traditional restaurant and you may well see the same flooring, just styled differently to create a completely unique feel, and this is the same for homes.

Home refurbishment?  No problem

This versatility means that if you have a change of heart, or decide you are bored with your current decor, you can alter it without the need to change your flooring. You can completely restyle your home by redecorating, replacing the furniture and the accessories or soft furnishings safe in the knowledge that your wooden flooring will only serve to enhance the look, whatever it is.  In fact, by refurbishing around your floor it will give it a whole new lease of life itself.

Engineered wood flooring can give you over 25 years of wear, so it can be a real investment and as such it’s well worth spending a bit more, particularly to get that flexibility.  Similarly many laminate floors come with long wear guarantees and will of course afford you the same level of versatility.

Whichever type of wood or wood effect flooring you choose; laminate or engineered wood, you will no doubt add timeless styling to your living spaces. Create your room around the floor whether you prefer a modern, high-tech kitchen full of stainless steel and gadgets, or a country cottage style with bare bricks and a wood burner, a lounge with sleek leather and metal furniture or big soft comfy sofas, you know that your floor will carry the look off to perfection.

Choose from our ranges of engineered wood flooring or laminate flooring and make your floor an investment.

Solid wood flooring in a living room