Being able to transform your home into a warm, cosy haven of comfort is one of the nicer things about the bitter coldness of winter. However, one room that it often seems impossible to get feeling snug and comfortable is the bathroom.

With cool floors, chilly porcelain fittings and, more often than not, a cold colour scheme to match, it’s no wonder that we scamper, bundled-up through the bathroom to turn the hot tap on as quickly as possible each morning. But don’t worry too much – here at Carpetright we might just have the solution to these freezing, gloomy morning bathroom dashes!

Warm colours

The majority of bathrooms are decorated with white, blues, turquoise and other cold colours. This may look cool, but sadly it feels it too – try being a little more adventurous with your paintbrush by using warmer tones such as orange, red and even hot pink to create the illusion of heat.

Orange bathroom with tiled flooring

Warm floors

Bathroom carpet works wonders in warming up the coldest room of your home. Not only does it feel soft and cosy underfoot, it also helps to insulate the room, trapping warmth inside. If bathroom carpet isn’t your style, or you’re simply in love with your lovely tiled or vinyl floor and don’t want to change it, try adding a nice rug or luxurious bath mat to keep your poor toes protected from the cold below.


Warm lighting

Lighting is another optical illusion that can make a room feel warmer. Check the light bulbs in your bathroom to see what colour temperature they emit. Light temperature is measured in Kelvin (K) and the lower the number, the warmer the light. For example, a 3000K bulb gives off a warm white light, while higher rated bulbs create colder, bluer light that can make you feel extra chilly.

hand holding light bulb

Heated accessories

Heated towel rails are a brilliant, space-saving way to heat a bathroom. While standard radiators can take up valuable space and do nothing to enhance the look of a room, heated towel rails are useful and also come in a huge array of designs and finishes, making them look more like a work of art than a radiator.

heated towel rail on red wall

So don’t just put up with a cold bathroom because you’re used to it, make sure you’re cosy in every room of your home this winter!

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