A vinyl for every room

Vinyl flooring has over the years only been thought suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. However, with countless designs, styles and finishes available, vinyl flooring is now proving a viable flooring alternative to use throughout your entire home.

Its affordability, durability and low maintenance make it a desirable flooring option that is proving ever more popular.

vinyl for kitchen

Vinyl flooring for your kitchen

Vinyl flooring lends itself perfectly to any kitchen with its easy to clean surfaces, tough and durable properties and versatility in design. From an art-deco inspired tile effect to a contemporary and modern block colour, the styles available allow you to create a look that matches your individual style and taste.

In any kitchen spillages are a common event. So being both water and stain resistant, it’s not surprising that vinyl flooring is a favoured choice for many households. Whether you opt for sheet vinyl flooring or luxury vinyl tiles, the stylish, realistic and authentic appearance will instantly transform your kitchen.

Vinyl flooring for your bathroom

With its water resistant properties, anti-slip qualities and ease of installation and maintenance, it is clear to see why vinyl flooring is such a popular choice for bathrooms and en-suites.

Vinyl bathroom flooring

From a sophisticated and intricate mosaic vinyl flooring design to natural, earthy stone effect options, you can simply tailor your flooring to complement your bathroom suite and have peace of mind that it will stand the test of time.

Vinyl flooring in your lounge

If you want to make a statement and bring a contemporary new look to your living room, then installing a stylish vinyl flooring to replace your old carpet might be a perfect place to start. Being a high traffic area, your lounge will benefit from the hard-wearing nature of vinyl flooring and with so many designs to choose from you won’t have to sacrifice style.

Living room vinyl flooring

Invigorate your space with a wood effect vinyl which will give a timeless and sophisticated feel, and can look so authentic that visitors to your home will never know the difference. Or how about a bright coloured stripe vinyl, which teamed with a shaggy cream rug will create a funky but cosy atmosphere?

Vinyl flooring for hallways and stairs

The hallway and stairs are a hive of activity in a busy home, with a constant flow of traffic in and out and up and down. It is therefore essential that the flooring you choose for these areas is both durable and practical.

Vinyl flooring meets these daily requirements and you can rest in the knowledge that it will easily be able to withstand what any family has to throw at it. First impressions count, so of course you want to create a stylish entrance to your home so that when your family and friends come and visit, you can proudly to welcome them in.

A dark wood effect vinyl flooring will add classic ambience to your hallway and stairs, or you could make it pop with a block coloured vinyl such as egg-yolk yellow or mint green. A patterned vinyl such as stripes or diamonds is very on trend and will add character. For advice on fitting vinyl to stairs, check out our handy online guide today.

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