Top tips for the first days with your new carpet

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Whenever we make changes to our home; redecorating, renovating or just a quick make-over, often the final flourish is the flooring.  Whether you choose carpet, laminate, vinyl or engineered wood, the flooring is the finishing touch that brings the space to life.  Your newly decorated walls will pop with colour and everything falls into place as soon as the flooring is fitted.  But what should you expect from your first few days with your new floor?  Should it be plain sailing with no problems?  Or are some ‘settling in’ issues to be expected?

Whilst carpet adds instant comfort and warmth and will undoubtedly finish your space beautifully, you may spot a few issues that you could find worrying.  Don’t fret.  In this post, we will explain what to expect from your new carpet.

Is it normal for your carpet to shed fibres?

When a new carpet is first laid, there may be some fluffing or shedding as loose fibres trapped during the weaving or tufting process work their way to the surface. This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about, the excess fibre is only a small fraction of the total fibre contained in the carpet.

Regular vacuuming, daily if possible during the first few weeks, will solve this issue.   A vacuum cleaner fitted with a beater bar and/or brushes is recommended for cut pile carpets.  A vacuum cleaner without a beater bar or brushes is best for loop pile carpets.  Regular vacuuming will help to prevent dirt and grit from getting into the carpet fibres and also help to keep the tufts upright. Placing doormats at all of the entrances to a home will help to trap dirt and moisture.  The doormats should be cleaned regularly.

Footprints in your carpet

An extra-long super-soft or luxurious pile carpet will be an indulgence for your feet as they sink sumptuously into the deep pile.  Footprints will be visible and the carpet can appear to be different shades in some areas because the varying pile direction will reflect the light in different ways. This is an inherent feature and the beauty of this type of carpet, so nothing at all to worry about.


Heavy items of furniture can result in indentations in your carpet and underlay.  The use of furniture cups can help to avoid this.  Where possible, it is always a good idea to rotate furniture periodically.  This also helps to avoid excess wear in the same “traffic lanes”.

New carpet with sprouting tufts

Occasionally an off tuft or two can work its way to the surface and stand proud of the rest of the pile.  If a piece of the carpet fibre stands proud above the surface, it should be trimmed to the level of the other tufts.  Never attempt to pull these tufts out.

Unpleasant odour after fitting

There may be a slight odour after a new carpet is fitted.  This may be caused by the carpet, the underlay or any adhesives which have been used.  Ideally, the room should be ventilated by opening windows and doors and the odour will normally disappear within a few days.

If you need any more advice on your carpeting or other floor type, visit our Inspiration and Advice pages where you will find lots information and helpful tips.

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